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Welcome to our new site. Please look it over and tell us what you think. It is, of course, an evolving project and we really want your participation and feedback.

So what is missing that would be useful in your life that we might include? Do you have suggestions for the categories? New topics for articles? How does it look?

We’re expanding our online version to further our goal of connecting the San Diego community in more depth and more quickly than we can in print. One thing we’ll do is update our calendar all month long. For more on that community, read the About Us section.

What’s ahead, but missing now, are classifieds and other ads as well as more articles and features. FAQs will come and you will be able to subscribe and notified of specific additions and changes. Please do that.

We hope our new site serves you better and offers you more creative opportunities, useful tools and perspectives for living life to the fullest.

Enjoy (and tell us about it)

Thank you,

Steve Hays, publisher

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Conscious Living & Perception

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Article by Juan Carlos Kreimer

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by Association of Global New Thought

I've Got a Feeling

Article by Char Margolis


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