West Coast Will Determine Fate of the Fossil Fuel Industry

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


All along the Pacific Coast, environmentalists are gearing up for an epic fight. .

. . (... read more)

How Nature Makes Us Healthier and Happier

Kristophe Green and Dacher Keltner  from YES! Magazine


Humans have long intuited that being in nature is good for the mind and body. From indigenous adolescents completing rites of passage in the wild to modern East Asian cultures taking “forest baths,”. . . (... read more)

Supreme Court Implications for Environmental and Climate Policy?

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


If Neil Gorsuch is confirmed to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, what will be the implications for environmental and climate policy? . . .    (... read more)

Are Self-Driving Cars Good for the Environment?

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


You know the future is here when you see that the car beside you at a red light has nobody at the helm.

. . (... read more)

New Federal Environmental Policies?

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


Not surprisingly given the current political climate, the respective Vice Presidential candidates differ on most of the issues, including their policies on the environment and energy. . (... read more)

Wave Power Could Meet 1/4 of U.S. Electricity Needs

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


Wave power advocates cheered in September 2016 when Hawaii-based Naval researchers started feeding power from two experimental offshore wave energy devices into the grid on nearby Oahu, representing the first time the American public could access electricity derived from ocean waves. The trickle of energy from these experimental devices doesn’t amount to anything substantial yet, but wave energy’s potential is huge. . . (... read more)

Are You Funding the Dakota Pipeline & the Fight Against the Standing Rock Sioux?

October 16, 2016  -Bill McKibben


A Strategy to Stop the Funding Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline—A key pipeline loan is still pending, and banks can be vulnerable to public pressure. We can fight alongside the Standing Rock Sioux at any one of 38 banks. . (... read more)

VP Candidates: Where do they stand on climate change?

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


Not surprisingly given the current political climate, the respective Vice Presidential candidates differ on most of the issues, including their policies on the environment and energy. . (... read more)

More Challenges with Nuclear and Good Solar News

August 01, 2016  -Steve Hays


We ran an article in last month’s issue written in reaction to a San Diego Union Tribune editorial that lamented the demise of nuclear power in California—and the world.


Our sentiment? Lament? No, not really. Good riddance. We promised more to come in this issue and while not what we expected, more specific challenges have come out. (... read more)

Why is Underwater Noise Pollution a Problem?

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


For us land-dwellers, underwater noise rarely reaches our ears. However, marine organisms can be very sensitive to undersea sounds, particularly unnatural noise. Human activity—from explosives to underwater construction to ship traffic to oceanographic research—creates intense noise that threatens the health of ocean wildlife. Direct effects include hearing loss, habitat displacement, and even brain hemorrhages. The noise impedes the senses that enable many marine species to coordinate their movements and find food, and can also interfere with breeding cycles and migration patterns. This cacophony of underwater noise pollution puts additional stresses on marine ecosystems already on the ropes due to overfishing, pollution and myriad other human threats. (... read more)

How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change

July 01, 2016 -Steve Hays


Film director and environmental activist Josh Fox has released a new film that explores exactly what he says in the title of the film. “Can a person stop a wave,” he asks rhetorically. “Can we stand on the shore and stop a wave from crashing?” Well, what can we do? What is important?

“What are the things,” he asks in the movie, “that climate change can’t change? What are those parts of us that are so deep that no storm can take them away?” (... read more)

SoCal Nuclear Power Loss Incorrect

July 01, 2016  -Steve Hays


A recent newspaper editorial in the San Diego Union Tribune jumped out at me so much that I felt that it was worth mentioning. The headline was: “State’s Nuclear Power Loss Regrettable.” (Sunday, page SD5, June 26).

The short-term loss the editorial referred to was the coming loss in 2024 and 2025 when operating permits for the Diablo Canyon power plants in San Luis Obispo County will expire. They will be no request to renew those nuclear plants—the last in California.   (... read more)

Zika Virus: Environmental Problem?

EarthTalk  -E–The Environmental Magazine


Zika virus, first discovered in Uganda’s Zika Forest in 1947, is transmitted to humans and other mammals through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito, and typically causes only a mild and short-term illness (fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis) that likely immunizes the victim from future infections. But a Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause a serious birth defect called microcephaly—where the fetal head doesn’t develop to the proper size, leading to other severe brain defects.  (... read more)


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