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Welcome to Earth? Who’s in Charge Here?

April 02, 2017  -Steve Hays


In case you’re new here, Earth is the living space ship in which we move around the galaxy at an incredible speed but with so little vibration that we don’t even know we’re moving—and without making us dizzy.

   (... read more)

Global Problems with National Solutions?

March 07, 2017  -Steve Hays


I was surprised to discover this month that knowing something about the Yellow River gave me a better idea of what was happening in politics in the US and the world today. When people survive challenges, the hope is that we find a better path for ourselves or at least see the consequences of our choices.    (... read more)

Who or What is Under Attack?

February 01, 2017  -Steve Hays


In case you’re uncertain about the times, I wanted everyone to know everything in the US is fine and working well. The President has spoken. Not to worry.

Meanwhile, others are very concerned about clean air, clean water, oil spills, public health   (... read more)

Resolutions Worth Making and Keeping

January 01, 2017  -Steve Hays


Gosh, here we are again. Although saying that is not really true, unless Tesla time machines are now available to the public! Coming into another new year that we’ve never been to before can’t really be considered the samo-samo.  (... read more)

Who Will Change? US/Us or Them?

December 01, 2016  -Steve Hays


I  usually enjoy this often contradictory planet of ours and its people, but I have to say I’m stunned right now. Even getting on the news sites I normally enjoy just seemed too much to ask. Leaving and coming back later didn’t change the results at all. The election came out the same every time.  (... read more)

It’s Almost Over, Right?

November 01, 2016  -Steve Hays


Talk about what’s typical about the circus our political season has become! I was just finishing with writing this when everything changed—again.  What I originally wrote was daily becoming more and more obvious. Many people were saying how wonderful it was the election would soon be over and we’d be getting back to “normal.”  (... read more)

Giving Up Politics? Switching to What’s Important

October 01, 2016  -Steve Hays


It’s hard to escape politics, though the inclination to do that appears stronger than ever these days.

Who would have thought that we would literally end up with a he said—she said—no I didn’t—yes you did—I didn’t mean that—did too—yes but you did it first—no I didn’t—yes you did “political debate.” (... read more)

Donald Trump: The Advantage He Has

August 01, 2016  -Steve Hays


Well, it was quite a convention the Republicans had. I’m writing this a couple of days afterward and the Democrats are meeting, but not done. Our heat spell has fogged up my crystal ball so I’ll have to stick with what happened. I say that because I’ve noticed that facts haven’t stopped a lot of people from being sure about what’s coming next and what’s needed to win this election. Have you noticed the inconsistency with that? The first thing the media acknowledged after Donald Trump was chosen as the GOP candidate was that few of them had taken his candidacy seriously—it wasn’t traditional enough or well-planned or consistent enough for them. It didn’t follow the rules of what they knew worked. They know because that is what they normally report on—strategy. Yet he won. Now, however, the same commentators know how he must change to win again. Not everyone agrees with that. (... read more)

Gun Control: Truth is, We Already Agree on This One

July 20, 2016  -Steve Hays


What everybody knows is that right now the GOP has the votes to stop any legislation that even remotely resembles gun control or whispers about restrictions or limitations on the free expression of guns.

What doesn’t appear to be correct is the idea that we cannot agree on some form of gun control. Maybe there are some ways.

What everybody also knows is that those who vote the “right” way get compensated in the form of campaign contributions.

A reasonable person is not wrong to believe that when those voting against any and all restrictions receive contributions, and those who vote for restrictions do not get campaign contributions, one act is connected to the other. There’s a conflict of interest.    (... read more)

Good News about Chaos

June 03, 2016  -Steve Hays


A lot of chaos is  going around this last month, it seems. I talked to more than a few people with car, phone or computer challenges as well as irritating or unexpected changes or delays. I left out money and body, but heard about and saw the unexpected relating to those, too.

I’m talking about things in people’s immediate lives, not the obvious chaos in our political process or world.    (... read more)

SoCal Nuclear Power Loss Incorrect

July 01, 2016  -Steve Hays


A recent newspaper editorial in the San Diego Union Tribune jumped out at me so much that I felt that it was worth mentioning. The headline was: “State’s Nuclear Power Loss Regrettable.” (Sunday, page SD5, June 26).

The short-term loss the editorial referred to was the coming loss in 2024 and 2025 when operating permits for the Diablo Canyon power plants in San Luis Obispo County will expire. They will be no request to renew those nuclear plants—the last in California.   (... read more)


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