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Many readers will remember Carola as the author of the monthly column Planetary Cycles that previously appeared in TLC.

Now focussing on Human Design with her partner Chetan, they have provided us a different perspective on our candidates for President.



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Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn.

A ‘Human Design’ Look at the 2016 US Election

November 4 2016  -Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn


We Might Say There's a Lot at Stake.

In this article we look at the energies involved around the candidates and day of the 2016 US election. In a changing world, we are moving into what can be described as the Aquarian Age, a time of personal responsibility…a very different one to the preceding “Piscean” Age which was a more “faith-based” one, where responsibility was handed to kings, leaders, gurus and ultimately God.


Hillary Clinton's Human Design.

 By Design, she has a chart of a Manifesting Generator that gives her lots of “life-force” energy. She also has the 31/7, between Throat and Self Centers, a channel of leadership, and it’s logical leadership which means she is a natural born leader attuned to assuring a better future. The other two channels that she has are both «Individual Circuitry” in Human Design which implies innovation. Logical leadership goes by progression... here we go this step, this step, then this step. But the individual progression in her Design says : “Let›s try something different, let’s do something transformative.”

She›s very direct in how she expresses herself. That coupled with called an “open” Emotions Center in her Design makes her appear cool as ice, and this can be disorienting for people because we all want to know what is it that motivates her, where›s the emotion behind all of this, why are you doing these things? It’s a puzzle … can’t we get some emotion from her?

Her Sacral Center, the center of Life Force Energy is the driving force in her Design. She has power, raw power. But she›s really had to learn over the years how to use It because sometimes it just comes out very abruptly, right in your face, and it can energetically knock people over, like : «What was that all about? Why did you have to come across so strongly like that?

So, over time she’s really had to learn how to utilize that power, how to express power in a way that really works. Also, in her Sacral Center, she›s got the Gateway, 27, the Gate of Nourishment. Her tendency is to see others› care as more important than her own and that’s an easy way to get depleted. You’ll see in her campaign, in her life generally, she has this habit of going overboard for others, exhausting herself, and she has had to learn how to cut back on that.

In very simplistic terms, what we see in Hillary’s chart is she›s driven by this Life Force Energy to be very busy in her life, but the backdrop is taking care of other people as a natural born leader.

Donald Trump couldn’t have a more different design makeup than Hillary’s. He is an emotional, feeling man.


Who is Donald Trump

With his defined Emotions Center, it’s impossible to be in his company and not be in some way, disturbed, or reactive.  He is someone for whom being on television is a natural thing—he stirs up the audience. And it’s the same in the political arena, he stirs up the people around him.

But with his unconscious (colored pink) Channel 35/36 there’s always a shifting tapestry of interest. He says/does something … been there, done that, finished with it, next! With a very short attention span it is hard for him sometimes to stay on track.

The other connection to his Emotions Center comes from the Sacral Center, which makes him a Manifesting Generator by design, with the (unconscious, colored pink) Channel of Intimacy, the 59/6. Anyone around Donald feels there’s an intimate connection with him, whether it’s a connection one enjoys or not, is irrelevant. There’s no way he can walk into a room and be ignored, and he pushes the emotional buttons of everyone.

Another aspect of his chart is the red triangle center which is the Heart Center of will power, connected to the Throat through the Money Channel, 21/45. He is willful with an inner drive that can push through and make demands : “I want it my way.”

We see also that he has the green triangle center turned on, he’s always thinking, and expressing through the Channel 17/62, of the Organizer. While he has great organizational capacity, he is limited by a very short attention span; he’s always moving from one subject to the other, and it’s impossible to pin him down.

People call him the lonely campaigner in the way that he sits in his plane on his own. However, this is the time where he gets his insights. With his conscious Sun in Gate 12, of Standstill, he has the ability to know when change is coming and recognizes the need to be ready.  There’s something in Donald Trump that is prophetical; he can see some things that are coming down the road.

So he comes out with these statements : “This needs to go and that needs to go, and this is all wrong and that is all wrong.” On some level he’s absolutely right, but the question is: Can things move in these directions so quickly without massive disruption?


The 2016 Election

In the Human Design experience, the US election always takes place in the Life Theme that we call Sphinx. And the Sphinx is about direction, pointing the way. For America, the election always takes place during a time of setting a new direction.

The chart for Election Day, very interestingly has one defined channel in it, and it’s the 37/40, the Channel of Community. This particular activation concerns the destiny for humanity.  It is about us coming to a consensus on some level. What’s is wanted for the benefit of the community at large?

And when one really looks into “wants,” one is going to be looking into one’s heart.

The 2016 Election is centered on what really has profound meaning for us at heart.  Carola and I say women will have the say in this election. It’s not that men can’t appreciate what’s going on in their hearts, but it’s easier for women to get there.

On November 8 it’s going to come down to what women decide is right, and it’s going to be a women’s election. Wherever this election takes us, it takes the world too. Despite the contention, this election is centered in the benefits of the community, for the country and world as a whole.

Our world is in an amazing time of transformation, and we stand on the precipice of a global awakening. On Election Day, will you vote?





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