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A ‘Human Design’ Look at Our Presidential Candidates

October 3 2016  -Carola Eastwood and Chetan Parkyn


Hillary Clinton's Human Design

    In this article we look at what Human Design shows about Hillary Clinton and the motivating drive within her and her aspirations to the Presidency of the United States.  In this article I am going to make a more detailed approach to describe the makeup of an Incarnation Theme and also some of what I see as the more relevant Channels, Gates and Lines in Hillary’s Human Design Life Chart.

Gate and Line inserts are italicized and are taken from The Book of Lines, A 21st Century View of the IChing, the Chinese Book of Changes written purposefully and deliberately aligned to interpret Human Design Charts.

Hillary is born into the Life Incarnation Theme of “The Unexpected,” and one of the things I write about this particular Theme is : “You are born in perhaps one of the most remarkable incarnations, in that you bring the unexpectedness of radical change within your own life and in the lives of everyone around you.”  So if you have asked yourself, “How does Hillary manage what she manages?” this brief statement might give you some insight! Not only does Hillary bring radical change and surprises, but these changes and surprises are also visited on her too!  Definitely an interesting lifetime!

When we look at an Incarnation Life Theme, to start with we are looking at the Conscious Sun placement, particularly, and also the Conscious Earth placement.  Hillary’s Conscious Sun and where she ‘shines’ in life lies in Gate 281 “The Game Player of Life,” with the 1st Line :  “Being intuitively open to deal with Challenges.”  Within many of the things the world has come to hear about Hillary, we have to appreciate that somehow she has harnessed a knack for dealing with impossible situations and impossible people!

Her Conscious Earth and where she grounds herself and gives form to her actions is in Gate 271, Nourishing, and the 1st Line :  “Taking Care of Number One,” with the follow-up Line accented by the Earth’s placement : “Always seeing others’ care as more important than your own is an easy way to be depleted.”  Somehow, Hillary has begun to arrange her life in a way that she receives the support she needs to take care of herself and thereby transmit that caring into the lives of people around her without always getting completely exhausted herself.

In any Life Theme we also look at the Unconscious, inherited tendencies that come through the placements of the Unconscious Sun and Earth.  In Hillary’s Life Chart, her Unconscious Sun is in Gate 313, “Influence” and Line 3, “Observing any impulse to influence others,” with the follow up Line accented by the Sun’s placement : “Your capacity to lead is enhanced by inner clarity and associations with worthy influences.”  This activation combines with her conscious Mars activation in Gate 71, “Uniformity,” and Line 1 : “Effective coordination relies on the quality of shared commitments,” to form the defined Channel of “The Alpha,” “The logical (born) leader.”  The indication here, on an unconscious level that has been underlying Hillary’s whole life, is that provided Hillary pays attention to a team that follows her lead, she will take charge of any situation and see it through to completion.  One wonders how much influence she wielded in President Bill Clinton’s time when the US was not yet ready for a woman president.

Hillary’s Life Chart

In other places in her Life Chart, we see that Hillary has a 1/3 Profile which indicates she is living a life in which she develops intense focus on particular projects, often losing interest if they do not turn out in her favor, also finding that some of the long-term consequences of her actions are completely hidden from her until there are after-effects that cannot be avoided.  Over the years, Hillary has attracted a large number of “scandals” but somehow manages to find her way through and out of them.

With her Manifesting Generator Life Chart, Hillary does not lack for energy unless she overindulges her own efforts instead of delegating responsibilities to her teams.  The overindulgence is typical for almost anyone with the Channel 20 – 34 of being “Busy, busy, busy….”  With her conscious Jupiter and unconscious South Node in Gate 341, of Power, and Line 1 of “Being Presumptive : Haphazard, sometimes clumsy use of power,” Hillary will have come to appreciate that yes, she is a powerful woman, but sometimes she has the tendency to overexert her power in instances when smaller adjustments are the better advised practice.

Hillary’s Mind Center is defined through Channel 23-43, “Structuring, and 5th Lines through which she receives insights, often expressing these insights in ways that can directly challenge any elements of the “status quo.” The expression of Gate 23 at the Throat Center is an authoritative “I know!” whether what she says is grounded in reality and practicality or not.  The tendency for anyone with the ‘Structuring’ Channel is that they tend to blurt out a string of insightful thoughts without necessarily checking that they are speaking in turn, and that their audience is ready to hear them.  The second most important thing for anyone with the ‘Structuring’ Channel (23 – 43) to remember is that the tonality of their voice is equally as important as the statements they make.  Consequently, listeners either come to like these pungent and insightful statements if they are spoken in turn and with a balanced tone of voice, or else quickly find them irrelevant or objectionable if the person speaking is simply giving voice to a stream of peculiar insights in a distracting tone of voice.  When Hillary is conscious of her audience, conscious of herself and her tone of voice and finds herself speaking in turn, then her statements and insights have a better chance of being well-received.

With several other Gates activated at her Throat Center, Hillary can combine apparently outrageous statements with elements of influential and logical leadership (Gate 31 and Channel 7-31), Interesting stories (Gate 33), concern for “her people” (Gate 45) and even prophetic and visionary statements (Gate 12).  This last activation has probably fueled her great capacity to stay committed to becoming the first woman president of these United States.

The Undefined and Open Centers

    Hillary has an undefined Spleen Center giving her an ability to “diagnose” other people’s states of being at a glance. It can also give her a sense of unease when surrounded by fearful people as she easily absorbs their fears.  All fears come from an almost prehistoric age when our survival depended on our providing food, shelter and “safety” for ourselves. For anyone with an undefined Spleen Center, fears can be transformed to wisdom through awareness.  Hillary’s Gate 482, The Well, and Line 2 “Deteriorating : The need to constantly refresh your gifts,” can trigger the fear that she does not know enough to succeed in life……and so she is prodded to keep on her understanding particularly of the political world.  Her wisdom comes through recognizing she can find out about anything if she makes the right enquiries.

Her Gate 185, Improving, and Line 5, “Self-correcting, an honesty to resolve conditioning through being alert,” can give her the fear that problems are insurmountable, that others are better equipped at dealing with problems until she realizes that she carries the ability to turn things around by using her own resources (alertness) correctly.

Hillary’s Gate 281, The Game Player (of Life), and Line 1, “Being intuitively open to deal with challenges,” which we saw is a major component of her Personal Life Theme, is activated by her Conscious Sun in an undefined Center.  Any Conscious Sun placement delivers 70% of the energy into that Life Chart, and when lodged in an undefined Center, there is an almost permanent inbuilt hankering to have that energy available….and, for Hillary that happens through interactions with people who have their Spleen Center defined in their Life Chart, or who make connections through Hillary’s activated Gates, or, Hillary’s Spleen Center can also become defined through transiting planets.

For the past two years, through the rest of 2015 and from late August through late October 2016, Pluto, the planet relating to dramatic transformations, ‘death and rebirth’ is in Gate 38, The Fighter. This transiting activation gives Hillary temporary access to her Sun’s energy as well as defining the Channel, 28 -38 of Struggle.  Struggle put in simple terms, is all about Human Rights and the rights of the individual.  The Fighter (38) through Pluto’s transit has appeared during some dramatic shifts in consciousness.  Particularly we have seen Gay Rights achieving massive breakthroughs, the rights of ethnic minorities have also been brought into the public eye.  The next round of Human Rights is bound to be Women’s Rights.

A major drive behind Hillary, something that has directly energized her, brought up all her fears and given her the chance to test and exercise her wisdom as foreign secretary dealing with cultures where women are ignored, excluded and even hidden from view, is to accomplish the raising of Women’s Rights.  In so doing she will give balance to a world that is overloaded with patriarchal tradition and unconscious attitudes that are more often destructive rather than creative.

Hillary’s undefined Root Center makes her susceptible to pressures brought on by other people and also the need (wisdom) to find ways of de-stressing.  (This is true for anyone with an undefined Root Center.)  She has Gate 533 of “New Beginnings,” and Line 3 of “Scrutinizing : Watching your step when engaging in all new endeavors,” implying that a well-considered and balanced approach to commencing new projects and setting up new platforms is recommended…….and Gate 413 of Imagination, and Line 3 of “Synergizing : Experiences are fulfilling because of right alliances,” indicates a growing wisdom to make sure she has the right, well-informed and intelligent people backing her so she can fulfill her long-term visions.

Her undefined Heart Center gives her the means to be strong so long as she never has to prove herself to be superior. With a single activation in Gate 261, Accumulation the Line 1 of “Pausing : Waiting patiently for the right time to act,” says exactly what it means.  Hillary has had to learn to be patient before asserting herself in taking on any role.

Finally, we come to the open (no Gates activated) Emotions Center in Hillary’s Life Chart. An open Emotions Center can be the source of great confusion for many people.  Some people with open Emotion Centers can become almost hysterically emotional in their lives being upset and crying their eyes out over all manner of instances, and others can take the viewpoint that they are surrounded by (emotionally) mad people, separate themselves and take on the resemblance of an iceberg.  Everyone has feelings, someone with an open Emotions Center can have difficulty comprehending, processing and expressing those feelings.  Hillary has always had this issue in her life : how does she get to express feelings in a way that come across as authentic, and at the same time engage with feelings in ways that do not interfere with her own sacral-response clarity?

Taking the example of certain famous movie stars like Susan Sarandon, Shirley Temple and Sally Field, all of whom have open Emotions Centers in their Life Charts, it is clear that these women can ‘play’ passion and drama brilliantly on screen. On their movie sets they pour their energies into playing emotionally arousing scenes…..and when their director shouts “CUT!”, as professionals, they are ready for the next scene.  Everyone else on the movie set needs time to recover from the drama that just played out in front of them.  The same approach can be applied in Hillary’s life if she pays attention to allowing herself to be present but detached from any dramas playing out in her life and in the lives of everyone around her.  She needs to learn to ‘play’ any emotions ‘to the max’ without being attached to them.  In the past she has had trouble expressing her feelings in situations that others considered very emotionally charged, however, she seems to some degree to have become more comfortable showing emotion now that she is once again squarely in the public eye.

Before the next Presidential Elections in November, 2016, I will look at her chances of winning the Oval Office, and match her chart against any competition.  For now I can say that if Hillary can convey the message of being champion for the American family, in all its differing forms, she will easily win.


Donald Trump

Every Human Design Life Chart tells a story …… and describes a life journey in so many different ways.  There are countless single aspects within a chart that go towards describing an individual, and it is always a bit of a challenge to pick out the most salient details and weave them together to fit in one short article.  However, the beauty about any Human Design Life Chart is that we are looking at a genetic continuity …. everything in the chart is holographic and interrelated, painting a coherent picture that perfectly describes the person at the center of their life.

In this article we look at the Life Chart of Donald Trump, a man who delights in forcefully playing many roles in life …. exactly what we would come to expect of someone with his Manifesting-Generator Chart and a completely open Self Center!

In Donald’s Garden

‘The Donald’ is born into the Incarnation of ‘The Garden of Eden’ entering into a lifetime of sensing there is always room for improvements in the ways things happen on earth.  Those born into this Incarnation arrive with particular abilities and a certain brightness in themselves that they tend to equate with their environment and with what happens to them in it (rather than necessarily what’s going on inside them).

This brightness is severely challenged within the first 5 years of their life when they are shocked to find that the people around them are not operating in integrity, in fact, generally the people around them are consistently disgracing themselves.  Those with this Incarnation Theme feel devastated, completely let down and easily react by devoting themselves to rebuilding their ‘Garden of Eden’ in any way they can through their activities and relationships.  Their whole life can be spent chasing moments of bliss in partnerships and hasty interactions, business triumphs and disasters, unrealistic diversions, crises situations, ego stimulation and whatever it takes to give themselves that thrill or taste of brightness again.  They can go through multiple relationships, jobs, associations, businesses, living situations, trends, diets, drugs, fashion tastes and money often blaming others for any problems and misunderstandings experience and whatever they might consider gets in the way of their sustaining access to their ‘Garden.’

Ultimately, anyone born into this Incarnation has to come to appreciate the Garden is within themselves and that they are responsible for their own environment by finding and holding to an inner balance.  When they come to appreciate and accept this, their life takes a completely different turn. Of course, some arrive at this understanding sooner than others, and unfortunately, some never get it at all during their whole life.

Now to Donald’s Life Chart:

As I’ve mentioned, he has a Manifesting Generator Chart, with a particular emphasis on the ‘Manifesting’ part …. He has the Manifesting Channel of Transitoriness (35 -36) that gives him a direct connection between his Emotion and Throat Centers, a hallmark of someone with multiple fleeting interests and a relatively short attention span.  Being colored pink, this Channel is a part of Donald’s unconscious makeup, and activated by his unconscious Sun placement (inherited from Dad) in Gate 36, ‘Crisis Resolution,’ and Line 3 ‘Breaking Out; Finding the Point of Transition from Darkness to Light,’ and his unconscious Uranus, (the planet of Awakening) in Gate 35, ‘Progress,’ and Line 3 ‘Combining; You tend to take a pivotal role in everything often disregarding other peoples’ roles.’  Anyone with this Channel speaks with emotion in their voice, and as we know, emotion not only sells but it unsettles the senses of others to either be in strong accord or strong disagreement.

Donald’s Money Channel

With his defined manifesting ‘Money Channel,’ (21 – 45), Donald has applied himself to the realms of money, property and wealth all his life, forging empires and persuading people to engage in owning shares in his properties.  Surviving several close brushes with bankruptcy by negotiating deals with banks and lenders, and attaining a strong business profile he appears to have come to a point of stability in his financial affairs, enough by which he can sponsor his own political ambitions (an expensive affair in the United States).

Intimate Donald

Donald’s Channel of Intimacy (6 - 59) is again colored pink, and activated by his unconscious Earth (Mom’s genetic input) in Gate 6, ‘Conflict Resolution’ and Line 3, ‘Having Reservations ; Achieving emotional clarity comes by making and breaking commitments with alertness,’ pointing towards a life of increasing confidence in making and breaking agreements and deals, and his unconscious Moon activation in Gate 59, ‘Intimacy/Dispersion’ and Line 6, ‘Being Discerning ; You develop a sense over time of how, what, when and who suits you in your intimate life.’ For anyone on the receiving end of Donald’s ‘intimacy’ they will come to appreciate they have been hand-picked because they have the qualities that he senses are right for his disposition, or off-handedly dismissed because they do not measure up (as in : “you’re fired!”).

 The Organizer

Donald’s fourth Channel is that of ‘The Organizer,’ (17 – 62) between Mind and Throat Centers. This particular Channel has the means to express concepts in such a compelling way that it is hard to disqualify them.  All statements that are made through this Channel have a kind of logic behind them that can be disputed but not easily over-ruled ……. as to whether the statements are accurate, consequential and relevant is another matter.  Donald’s Gate 17, ‘Following/Opinions’ is activated by his unconscious Venus in Line 2, ‘Assessing ; You prefer company that moves you to a higher appreciation of life,’ inclining him to have people around him who share his points of view, and his Gate 62, ‘Applied Details’ activated by his conscious Saturn (self-discipline) in Line 4, ‘Being Patient ; Being watchful for principled opportunities,’ involving principles that are entirely subject to Donald’s appreciation, timing and platform, and conscious Venus in Line 6, ‘Accepting Limits ; Recognizing practical limits in all your endeavors,’ indicating that Donald is very savvy when coming to terms with what is able to be applied practically.

Donald’s 1/3 Profile

In Human Design there are twelve Profiles, most of which are termed “Personal Profiles” in that those who have these Profiles are living out very personal agendas without necessarily having appreciation for their actions and the long-term effects of their interactions on others. Donald’s 1/3 Profile is a Personal Profile giving him very close identification with everything he says or does, but also the ability to quickly sidestep or avoid situations that appear not to be going his way. You will find that Donald always has an escape plan that removes him from any blame for apparent mis-steps.  Consequently, when he says or does something that strikes a discord in the people who are paying attention to him, he can quickly rephrase or double-back on his actions without ever admitting fault. (Hillary Clinton has this same Profile).

It is important not to be judgmental about these characteristics, but attentive to the fact that Donald might appear completely sincere in his thoughts and ideas until they are challenged with evidence that they are not appropriate, in which case, he will make a quick side-step, adjustment or deferment as though nothing had happened.  This is an art that conforms with all good emotional political maneuvers -- to blind-side your opponents -- an ability in which he is a master.

Who is Donald Trump

Over the many years that I have read for people of all ages, in all walks of life all over the world, a single question has come from my clients over and over again: “What is my life purpose?” In the early years, I would look into someone’s life and describe those abilities and aspects of their nature that would be most recognizable to them and that facilitate all their activities throughout their lives.  It then occurred to me that I was not really answering their question.  Ultimately, it became obvious to me what anyone’s life purpose is: “Your life purpose is to be you!” You as a unique individual having the experience of life.

It is so easy to try to give outline and purpose to our lives by the gifts that we have and the actions we take to use these gifts.  However, I appreciate now that we come into life to be fulfilled in being true to ourselves, whatever it is that plays out in our lives, and however we choose to use, or not use our gifts and uniqueness. So the question arises, how do we find fulfillment?  Within each person’s Life Chart there are clues.

In Donald’s Life Chart it shows that he has an “open “Self-Center, implying he has no “fixed” identity, and that he can play any part in life that comes along.  Any open Center acts like a mirror.  When you stand in front of a mirror, you see what you want to see …. or what you have been persuaded or conditioned to see.  When you stand in front of a mirror, do you like what you see?    From Donald’s side of things, he can be, play, ape, copy, live out anyone and any persona he wishes at any moment in time, there are no limits of possible expressions that he has drawn from and mastered through all the interactions he’s experienced his whole life.  He can mirror any environment and the people in it wherever he is. He does not have to be attached to any particular expression of who he is, it is up to his audience to ascertain who he is.  So when confronted by Donald Trump, as a mirror, what is the reflection you get?  They say that a politician is someone who finds a crowd and gets in front of it.  Are you in this crowd?

It is fascinating that someone who knows Donald best, his ex-wife Ivana Trump, began calling him ‘The Donald,’ as though his identity is set … if it is then it is an identity that is one of pure conditioning, and one that he has decided suits him.

In the first part of this article I have already talked about the grievance of his trying to re-establish “Garden of Eden” conditions in his life, and to get over the despair and betrayal he felt in relating to his parents and those whom he trusted in his earliest years.  I’ve outlined his defined Channels: the transitory nature of his attention span and the power of his emotions (35-36), his strong attachment to money and property (21 – 45), his special form of intimacy (6 – 59), and his capacity to make strong ‘logical’ arguments (17 – 62).  By Design, these are the issues in life that motivate him, whether he is conscious of them or not.

In the undefined areas of his Life Chart, through his undefined Root Center he is susceptible to external pressures until he can ‘take charge’ of the situations confronting him by doing whatever is necessary to bring stillness and calm to his platform, often with a typical round of ‘logical expressions’ that are difficult to allay because they seems like they are somewhat reasonable.  With his undefined Spleen Center, he inherits the unconscious fear that he cannot manage complex confrontations unless he manipulates them in ways to re-establish control.  He manages this by turning the tables on anyone who challenges him, even to the point of insulting them grossly.  Consequently, he literally makes up the ‘rules’ as he goes along.  As to whether this is a good thing or not, please remember you are watching someone with and ‘open’ Self Center, our Center of identity and purpose, who can play any role that appeals to him, consciously or unconsciously, and who has made it a custom with his defined Willpower and Emotions that people have to listen to him.

With an ‘open’ Crown Center, Donald can tune into any form of inspiration that comes to him. Whether he likes something or not, finds someone or something worthwhile or not is free of any particular framework except one that he has built for himself over the years.  In his defined Mind Center he is full of opinions and ideas, some of which are bound to be educative, and with his open Crown Center, he can align himself with any form of mental expression he decides on, whether it has relevance, whether it is benign or hateful, and whether it can be used to bring attention, primarily to himself.

Seeking attention

This constant need to bring attention to himself goes back to his childhood and finding himself surrounded by people who did not really understand him, were not integrated in their own lives, and who could not convey to Donald values by which he could realize his own inner worth, that amazing brightness that he was born with in his ‘Garden of Eden.’  Subsequently, Donald’s whole life has been an emphasis on his ‘outer’ world.  This attitude is typical in the lives of almost all politicians.  Because they are so disconnected from their inner world, they seek to manipulate the world around them and the people in it. Sooner or later, inner corruption leads to outer corruption, and the only way to transform this is through meditation, forgiveness and love.

Every now and again, it will be possible to see bright illuminating flashes of brilliance in Donald Trump’s life and his expressions, but in the way things are at the moment, he is mired in a mess of disconnection from his own inner reality going back many years. Through his political campaigning, he is bound to attract more attention and business, but in terms of bringing any benefit to his and our world, we will have to wait and see.

President Trump?

Is The Donald in serious consideration for the role of President of the United Sates? No.  Is his business empire going to attract a huge up-leveling in interest and income? Yes. Those people who for any reason are attracted to The Donald’s discomfort with the way he describes his life and the ‘villains and shenanigans’ in it will feel themselves drawn to subscribe in some way to his properties and business interests -- many of which could do with some serious financial injections. Whatever it is costing Donald to pay for his political candidacy platform will be returned to him many times over.  There is no such thing as bad publicity.






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