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Notice What You Notice: Mas Sajady and Reaching Ultimate Consciousness

February 05, 2018  -by Cori Wilbur


There is a lot of pressure out there to be “normal” and to “fit in.” At some point in our lives, we face the fact that “regular” is merely a setting on our washing machine and that being different is “normal”. All of us possess a talent or specific skill, either by nature or nurture. Mas Sajady is one of those individuals with an innate gift.. (... read more)

Source & Synchronicities

December 02, 2017  -Preetha Ji with Joyce Sinclair: interviewed by Cori Wilbur


Preetha Ji and her husband, Krishna Ji are the founders of One World Academy, located in India. We had the chance to ask both Preetha Ji and seminar facilitator, Joyce Sinclair about the event and the academy as a whole.. (... read more)

Turning Negative Self-Talk Around

November 07, 2017  -Lisette Schuitemaker


There is no one in the world we talk to as much as we talk to ourselves. Unfortunately, we often talk to ourselves from negative assumptions we have made about who we are and what we are capable of.  In her new book, The Childhood Conclusions Fix: Turning Negative Self-Talk Around, she identifies the five conclusions in the order in which they are usually drawn (... read more)

How to Ask Your Intuition a Question

July 01, 2017  -Lisa K.


Scientist turned teacher and author on intuition,  Lisa K addresses the first steps towards getting your intuition to work for you when you want it. In this excerpt from Intuition on Demand: A Step-by-Step Guide to Intuition You Can Trust teaches the most useful questions to ask our intuition to get the answers we seek..

 (... read more)

Interview with James Van Praagh

June 03, 2017  -An Interview with James Van Praagh


James Van Praagh is a # 1 New York Times bestselling author and a pioneer in the field of mediumship.

He is one of the most celebrated and respected spiritual teachers working today.  He has brought a mind-full awareness to the subject of “communication with the dead” into the public psyche for the past thirty years.

 (... read more)

Spirit Traveler Interview with Sonja Grace

February 02, 2017  -An Interview with Sonja Grace


Sonja Grace has spent a lifetime traveling in the angelic realms, communicating with the archangels and sharing their wisdom. She is born of American Indian and Norwegian descent. A mystic healer, Sonja Grace has been counseling an international roster of clients for over 30 years offering stability, healing and guidance helping clients identify discomfort in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. (... read more)

Relating to Yourself and Others

February, 2017  -by Georgina Cannon


This is an excerpt from The Third Circle Protocol: How to Relate to Yourself and Others in a Healthy Vibrant, Evolving Way Always and All-Ways by Georgina Cannon the author tackles the age old problem of the ‘unloved ones’ – the relatives, friends of friends and colleagues we don’t like but have to put up with. Here she looks at You and the Unloved Ones.. (... read more)

The Connected Universe: An Interview with Nassim Haramein

February 7, 2017  -by  Amelia Leigh, Jessica Luibrand & Joshua Kreithen, MD


Nassim Haramein’s pioneering journey has led him to new perspectives on quantum gravity and the unified field theory. He grew up with an innate reverence for the design of nature and a determination to discover the basic building-blocks of creation. Nassim dedicated himself to independently study physics, philosophy, geometry, chemistry, biology, consciousness, archeology, and anthropology... (... read more)

Book of Destinies: Discover the Life You Were Born to Live

January 04, 2017 An interview with Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood by Steve Hays


Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood have a new book especially fitting for this time of year as many of us look at what’s ahead this coming year. The Book of Destinies: Discover the Life You Were Born to Live (New World Library, Dec. 2016) is now available and is a companion book to Human Design, Discover the Person You Were Born To Be.  As the subtitle tells us, The Book of Destinies is about discovering your life’s purpose and presents in-depth profiles of 192 Life Themes that starts with your place, date and time of your birth

  (... read more)

The (Not So) Little Book of Surprises

November 01, 2016


This is an interview by The Bleeping Herald [the newsletter from the film What the Bleep Do We Know!?] with Deirdre Hade,  co-author of the book The (Not So) Little Book of Surprises. (... read more)

I've Got a Feeling

October 04, 2016  -Char Margolis


Char Margolis is a renowned intuitive-medium shares with you her secrets for developing your own intuitive abilities. Her gift to connect with the spirit world and strongly intuit messages is remarkable. Frequently appearing as a guest on television, she has been stunning people around the world with her amazing intuitive talents for decades. See has her own show on Dutch television. (... read more)

Tools to Empower the Conscious Majority- Association for Global New Thought

October 01, 2016  -Association for Global New Thought


The upcoming San Diego conference sponsored by the Association of Global New Thought and hosted by The Unity Center of San Diego, brings together speakers and workshop leaders from around the world focused on connecting, supporting and mobilizing one another and the community towards the common good—creating a world that works through everyone.. (... read more)

The Bicycle Effect - Cycling as Meditation

September 01, 2016  -Juan Carlos Kreimer


Author and hobby cyclist, Juan Carlos Kreimer wrote The Bicycle Effect – Cycling as Meditation, to demonstrate that pedaling a bike is not just a vehicle to be used to get ourselves from a to b, or to exercise or have fun, but it can also be used to help attain a healthier state of mind ... (... read more)

The Sun King:

September 01, 2016 -Amelia Leigh


Years of research into esoteric and metaphysical knowledge has prompted another document of self discovery. Join the journey from the stars to the temple inside of man. From the native shamans to the Hermetica, from still-point to vortex mathematics; we spiral into direct knowing. Join the ride within the long wave of the infinite.  (... read more)

Take Off the Blinders: Worthy - Boost your Self Worth to Grow your Net Worth

August 01, 2016  -Nancy Levin


Nancy Levin, bestselling author of Jump … And Your Life Will Appear and Writing For My Life, is an Integrative Coach and the creator of the Jump! Coaching Program who works with clients—privately and in groups—to live in alignment with their own truth and desires. Nancy hosts Jump Start Your Life, her weekly call-in show on Hay House Radio. This article is from her new book, Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth & Grow Your Net Worth (Hay House, Aug. 2016).  This excerpt is taken from her new book, Worthy. (... read more)

Tao Tantric Arts for Women: Cultivating Sexual Energy, Love and Spirit

August 01, 2016 -Amelia Leigh


Through the Taoist tantric arts, women can experience the full flowering of their sexual energy. Rooted in Chinese energy medicine, Universal Healing Tao practices, and ancient Taoist traditions from the Yellow Emperor and his three female advisors, these practices honor and celebrate each stage of a woman’s life and allow women to awaken their genuine feminine sexuality—receptive, soft, sensitive, intuitive, and creative—rather than the masculine approach that focuses on strength, endurance, and control.  (... read more)

Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time

July 03, 2016 -Steve Hays


I have to admit that this book came in a while back and after reading the title I double-checked to see if it was addressed to me or the magazine. I’ve put off looking at it for a while, “purposely” of course, but now that I’ve looked at it I wanted to present it to TLC readers right away.  When I first scanned through it, I immediately saw he challenged the idea that time management was all about balance. I’ve always thought that balance might work for someone with lots of time and not a lot to do, so was with him on that. What about when you feel like there is always more to fit in than you can reasonably get to? Perhaps I found someone who was going to find me more time without forcing me to balance. (... read more)

Fire of the Phoenix Initiation

June 01, 2016  -Tanya Lenz


Tanya Lenz could be described as the Indiana Jones of ancient wisdoms, dreams and literature.

Her new book takes the reader on an absorbing healing adventure. The book, Fire of the Phoenix Initiation: Transform Your Life with the Ancient Spiritual Wisdom of India, Australia, and Peru (Findhorn Press, May 2016) recounts a series of initiatory adventures, journeys, and dreams that span three continents and as many ancient wisdom traditions. (... read more)


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