Primal Resonance: Discover the Secrets of Health, Vitality, and Optimal Human Performance. Paperback, 280 pages, $19.95. (Babypie Publishing, Dec. 2014)

Primal Resonance by Dr. Steven Schwartz

March 01, 2017


Everything on this planet is toxic and contributes to chronic inflammation, responsible for nearly all known chronic illness. Thankfully, the root cause of inflammation can be successfully treated naturally by following the basic laws of nature. Whether you’re suffering from chronic illness, feeling like you’re not living your life to your full potential, or simply would like to learn the secret to living a long, happy, fulfilling and healthy life, this book give you options. It covers:

• What chronic inflammation is and why it’s creating a widespread, insidious epidemic in America and throughout the world

• Why optimizing your body’s cellular communication is so important for maintaining optimal health, vitality, and performance

• The top ten principles for reversing aging and degeneration

• Practical tools, techniques, and resources to reduce inflammation; clear old, unwanted cellular memory patterns; and restore balance to your body

• Offers a new way of looking at how your body works and how your cells communicate and interact with your surrounding environment to slow the biological hands of time, helping create a happy, healthy life

This book breaks down the principles of cellular expression and helps you achieve homeostasis in your body. There are also ten age-reversing principles that will restore optimal vibrational resonance to the cells so that you will resonate in a place of balance.




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