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Wag the Dog

December 13, 2017 -Steve Hays


Wag the Dog is a film by Barry Levinson that was released in Dec. 1997, exactly 20 years ago. The great thing about old movies like this is you often recognize most of the cast. Even the minor characters with part-time appearances are people we’ve seen again and again for 20 years...  (... read more)

Wonder Woman

July 01, 2017 -Penelope Young Andrade


I was surprised to find myself brimming with tears during a fight scene in the new movie, Wonder Woman. This particular scene is one in which Diana and her paramour, Steve Trevor, head to the battlefront in WWI France. When Diana hears that a nearby town is under siege and ordinary people are dying, she leaps into action..  (... read more)

Empath's Survival Guide by Judith Orloff

April 01, 2017 -Carolyn Myss


Being an empath is the new normal. The “Empath’s Survival Guide” is a perfect guide book. Now people will know how to cope with being highly sensitive and empathic in their everyday lives without developing exhaustion, compassion fatigue or burning out.  (... read more)

Primal Resonance by Dr. Steven Schwartz

March 01, 2017


Everything on this planet is toxic and contributes to chronic inflammation, responsible for nearly all known chronic illness. Thankfully, the root cause of inflammation can be successfully treated naturally by following the basic laws of nature. ...  (... read more)

Living from the Mountaintop: Be the Mystic You Were Born to Be

December 05, 2016 -Amelia Leigh


Have you ever allowed your imagination to soar to the furthest galactic reaches? Maybe you were lying on a mountaintop--facing a star-painted nighttime sky--and you traveled beyond where your rational mind has ever gone before? If you can relate to this feeling, you will enjoy this thought-provoking book. The topic is Mysticism and it’s most likely nothing like you’ve ever read before. (... read more)

Enlightenment Now: Liberation Is Your True Nature

November 07, 2016 -Amelia Leigh


In this philosophical, psychological, and spiritual exploration of enlightenment, Jason Gregory addresses how to access the original spontaneous awareness we all came into this world with. He exposes the illusion that we must strive to reach enlightenment, uncovering how our yearning for future accomplishments, attachment to the past, ...  (... read more)

The Sun King:

September 01, 2016 -Amelia Leigh


Years of research into esoteric and metaphysical knowledge has prompted another document of self discovery. Join the journey from the stars to the temple inside of man. From the native shamans to the Hermetica, from still-point to vortex mathematics; we spiral into direct knowing. Join the ride within the long wave of the infinite.  (... read more)

Tao Tantric Arts for Women: Cultivating Sexual Energy, Love and Spirit

August 01, 2016 -Amelia Leigh


Through the Taoist tantric arts, women can experience the full flowering of their sexual energy. Rooted in Chinese energy medicine, Universal Healing Tao practices, and ancient Taoist traditions from the Yellow Emperor and his three female advisors, these practices honor and celebrate each stage of a woman’s life and allow women to awaken their genuine feminine sexuality—receptive, soft, sensitive, intuitive, and creative—rather than the masculine approach that focuses on strength, endurance, and control.  (... read more)

Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time

July 03, 2016 -Steve Hays


I have to admit that this book came in a while back and after reading the title I double-checked to see if it was addressed to me or the magazine. I’ve put off looking at it for a while, “purposely” of course, but now that I’ve looked at it I wanted to present it to TLC readers right away.  When I first scanned through it, I immediately saw he challenged the idea that time management was all about balance. I’ve always thought that balance might work for someone with lots of time and not a lot to do, so was with him on that. What about when you feel like there is always more to fit in than you can reasonably get to? Perhaps I found someone who was going to find me more time without forcing me to balance. (... read more)

How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change

July 01, 2016 -Steve Hays


Film director and environmental activist Josh Fox has released a new film that explores exactly what he says in the title of the film. “Can a person stop a wave,” he asks rhetorically. “Can we stand on the shore and stop a wave from crashing?” Well, what can we do? What is important?

“What are the things,” he asks in the movie, “that climate change can’t change? What are those parts of us that are so deep that no storm can take them away?” (... read more)


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