2017 - Action, Adventure, Fantasy - 2:21


Opens June 2, 2017


Directed by: Patty Jenkins



 Gal Gadot

Chris Pine

Robin Wright

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Wonder Woman: Movie Review by Penelope Young Andrade

July 01, 2017


I was surprised to find myself brimming with tears during a fight scene in the new movie, Wonder Woman. This particular scene is one in which Diana and her paramour, Steve Trevor, head to the battlefront in WWI France. When Diana hears that a nearby town is under siege and ordinary people are dying, she leaps into action. As Steve and all the generals shout “No” You can’t do that!” Diana replies, “You’re right. But that’s what I’m going to do” and heads directly into machine gun fire deflecting bullets with her bracelets. With her bracelets! and fierce, gorgeous athleticism, Diana faces down the enemy, inspires the men to follow her and takes the town.


I felt like sobbing. My heart was bursting with joy at seeing a strong, fearless woman doing the impossible, refusing to be defined by male directives…and prevailing. I feel the same way when I see Senator Elizabeth Warren, fighting for financial fairness for the US middle class, stand up to bullies in the US Congress; when teenager Malala Yousafzai refuses to be cowed by Taliban terrorists in Pakistan, when Chancellor Angela Merkel takes a stand to allow poor, impoverished immigrants find sanctuary in Germany…jeopardizing her political future; when Mayor Gisela Mota, 33, after serving just one day as Mayor of Temixio, Mx—promising to take on drug cartels—was brutally, tragically executed in her own home.


Women everywhere are refusing to be good girls and sit still, or stand by while crimes against humanity take place. We have not previously seen ourselves represented as heroes in our modern culture—until Wonder Woman hit the big screen.


I came home from this movie and immediately went online to see if other women had the same response. I was amazed to discover women from Cincinnati to Beijing had the same hunger, the same fulfillment in seeing this kind of power, purpose and success portrayed on the big screen. Women hold up half the sky and can certainly carry a Blockbuster Super Hero Movie to record financial success…as well as very likely save our planet…for real.


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