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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Greetings! I hope that however you celebrate this Holiday season and Spirit, it includes the best for all of us. It’s easy to find chaos in the world and in our country these days. It’s hard to deny that touches and affects all of us and is hard to ignore.

When you celebrate—our good fortune and the source of it—it’s good to remember those who are struggling more that we are. Too bad we need one, but it’s good we have a season that reminds us to do that. I know not everyone agrees these days; ideally we can discover that what we have in common is our humanity—and that we all have value.

This issue is a preview—highlights of what you will find online at

There’s a lot going on there we invite you to look at. There’s just too much going on the world today to publish once a month. Issues that affect our air, water, food—our well-being—that we need to be aware of. We’ll be putting articles up all month. Check it out and sign up for our newsletter.

What’s coming in February is the Conscious Life Expo and in May Deva Premal returns. She also has a new album out titled Deva. Find out more at

Right now, it’s time to plant butterfly food. Hope you will join me in doing that. Find out how to do that online and more perspectives on all the changes in the world. It may look chaotic, but there are a lot of positives as we define what kind of world we want to live in.

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Publisher and Editor of The Life Connection Magazine Print and Online versions.

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