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3 Ways to Effectively Move Up Your Company

3 Ways to Effectively Move Up Your Company

3 Ways to Effectively Move Up Your Company

Thinking of a career advancement is a natural part of being employed. It is also what you would expect if you start from an entry-level position. However, climbing the corporate ladder is not a simple as just turning up and working hard. A good performance doesn’t automatically guarantee a top position. To get promoted, you have to earn it by proving your value to the company. This is especially true if you are in a hyper competitive industry.

Sometimes not even the most ambitious advance quickly in a company, which is why you may also need to be a straddler. As we previously wrote on our blog about straddlers and their purpose, we define straddlers as the people who ask the right questions. They have a belief that there is something more that they are meant to be doing, and they will always look for better opportunities because they know that deserve a better future.

If you are reading this article it is likely because you know that you too are meant for greater things in your organization. You want more opportunities to prove your worth within your company/industry. If your end goal is to move up your company to showcase your strengths and skills, then read more about the ways how you can effectively do this below.

Make a Plan

Many people jump into their jobs without any solid long-term plans. If you want to move up in your career, you would be better off with a plan that outlines your future goals. CEO Marc Benioff shares his planning method to articulate his overall vision and the key steps he needs to take to make it happen. He does this by writing out his vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures. By following this you can clearly outline the things you need to do to attain your goals and identify the challenges you will face along the way. The plan you will draft can help you keep track of your achievements and will guide you in your future.

Keep Learning Additional Skills

Nowadays, it isn’t just enough to be good at one thing. To prove that you are a valuable resource worth the investment, you need to update your knowledge in your chosen field and keep learning additional skills. Hiring managers outline that there is a big skills gap within many companies and upskilling and reskilling can fill this gap. If you are looking for new professional development opportunities, be proactive and see if your company offers training programs. This will show your company that you are willing to go beyond what is expected and will set you in good stead to be considered for a promotion.

Network Efficiently

It is vital to your career to start networking. You can utilize this to expand your circle, find out about new opportunities, or increase your knowledge regarding your field. In addition, networking can help you develop relationships that could increase your future employment prospects. Choosing the right people that will guide and help you in achieving your goals can open opportunities that you might not even have considered. Having a strong network can help advance your career and build your reputation.

If you are looking to move up in your company we hope the above tips prove useful.

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