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A Bouquet of Daisies by Megan Alice – Book Review

A Bouquet of Daisies by Megan Alice – Book Review

Seventeen-year-old Megan Alice, whose hometown is San Diego, has published a book of poetry titled A Bouquet of Daisies.

It’s a collection of poetry and prose exploring the heartbreak and healing found in relationships of all kinds. Centered around the theme of human connection, she additionally touches on the battle against mental illness, the stigma that follows the diagnosis, emotional abuse, sexual assault, and misogyny. Megan Alice puts the spotlight on dark topics to bring forth an awareness around pain rather than shy away from it. A Bouquet of Daisies concludes with reassuring messages of plucking the dark moments out of your past to bask in your future and inner power.

She has found that “the art of stringing words together to be healing” for both writer and reader. As a feminist, she writes about the injustices she experiences as a woman, and donates a portions of her book proceeds to the Planned Parenthood Foundation of America.

The book is published by Green Writers Press.

She had her official book launch in August at Warwick’s in La Jolla. Here’s a short sampling of the poetry from Megan Alice:

felt less
I want to write down what I feel
but I can’t feel anything
emotions have slipped through my body
I would rather be heaving hot tears
have them sear down my cheeks
than sit here counting cracks in the ceiling

wondering when I will feel human again


If souls could turn to energy
she would light every inch of Paris
and I think God arranged some crumbs of my soul
to line along the seam of her soul
so that together
we could light every inch of the sun



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