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This website was relaunched on August 5, 2018.  Redesigned and now fully integrated with Google’s developer tools for a much more advanced Google Search Indexing and higher search rankings.

Here are our current stats*:

July 2020
Unique Visitors: 1,479
Total Visits: 4,413
Pages Viewed: 17,602
Issues Downloaded: 577

June 2020
Unique Visitors: 1,629
Total Visits: 4,194
Pages Viewed: 37,477
Issues Downloaded: 394

May 2020
Unique Visitors: 1,760
Total Visits: 4,550
Pages Viewed: 15,283
Issues Downloaded: 393

Last 12 Months
8/2019-7/2020 (average)
Unique Visitors: 2,413
Total Visits: 5,299
Pages Viewed: 25,679
Issues Downloaded: 368

*Stats listed do not include traffic generated by robots (Google search bots, other search bots, ad robots), web crawlers, worms, spiders or replies, etc.

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