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Boost Your Immunity &  Avoid Depression with Pets, The Emotion Code & Other Health Tips

Boost Your Immunity &  Avoid Depression with Pets, The Emotion Code & Other Health Tips

By Anna Leah Mintz


Life just doesn’t appear to be showing it’s pleasant sides these days as we are dealing with the Coronavirus (Being a world Pandemic), dealing with Autoimmune conditions i.e. Cancer, Diabetes, Stock markets declining, job loss, shortages of basic needs, and added stress causing conflicts in relationships.  The list can be endless if we dwell on it.

Pets and 21st century modalities like the Emotion/Body Code can help reverse much of this, even anxiety, fear and suicidal thoughts!

The question should be: “Why dwell or expand this negative list when we can see it as an opportunity to Spiritually and even Intellectually Grow from it?

As a certified Emotion Code practitioner, Health Consultant and Nutritionist, I unfortunately continue to have many young teens and adults see me who are ready to call it quits. They are ready to end what they consider to be an unfair and miserable life.

At first look, I can see how they want to give up. As I use the Emotion Code modality, founded by Dr. Bradley Nelson, I realize that once we remove the negative emotions stored in their subconscious mind from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), and some that go as far back as when they were in their mom’s womb, then depression and suicidal thoughts begin to vanish.

Once these negative stored emotions, which are about 85% of most physical, emotional and mental conditions, are removed, if the person still has these suicidal thoughts, I then go into the Body Code to detect and remove the remaining 15%.

(More details can be found on my website in a powerpoint presentation on my first Healthy Haven Show) 

There are several factors that can cause people to struggle with depression, stress, or suicidal thoughts.


The Emotion Code helps remove the “Preconception Emotion” that these old souls were born with and that trigger them to have conflicts with their parents, school authorities or the law. They feel like they are in a cage and that can lead several to suicidal thoughts.

There are many books on the Indigo personalities and there is a Global podcast on my website on it.

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) can be developed by the school under their

special education program and Montessori style learning can help them succeed in dealing with authority by providing more flexibility for a student.


Parents should encourage teens to share with them any school conflicts, such as bullying, and insist on being included in their children’s social network.  Report this to school authorities.


Electric Magnetic Fields from i-phones, computers. Wifi, cell towers and the 5G now coming out can effect our brain (especially a young developing one), and can possibly damage DNA, our immune abilities & disrupt sleep.

Those labelled Indigo, ADD, ADHD, Autistic or people with autoimmune disorders, Cancer, Lymes, Diabetes, Shingles can be much more sensitive to EMF’s.

(Watch 2nd half of 1st Healthy Haven Show for full presentation. Also see available “Products” there.)


Dopamine:  A hormone that brings feeling of pleasure

Serotonin:   Regulates mood and behavior. More of stabilizer than Booster

Estrogen: Influences mood and depression

Progesterone: A natural Antidepressant in women

*Important to make sure cortisol levels are normal prior to adjusting progesterone levels.

Epinephrine: (AKA adrenaline) . A hormone and neurotransmitter.  Strong emotions like Fear or Anger cause Epinephrine

Chronic infections such as Lyme’s, Shingles create chronic inflammation and for a number of people cause depression, anxiety and mood swings.

**PETS like my Malibu and Twinky can be stress soothers. Petting them can lower blood pressure and help you release a relaxation hormone reducing stress.

TIPS:  Get blood work to make sure your hormones and thyroid are balanced to avoid any state of chronic mental health.


AKA (Ringing in the Ears) is the perception of sound in one or both ears. It can include annoying buzzing, whistling, wind tones etc.

Veterans of war and musicians surrounded by continuous loud sounds experience this.

TIPS: CBD products to relax the nerves, yoga, white noise equipment, magnesium, potassium, zinc, folate as recommended by your doctor or health care practitioner can help.


Glyphosate:  Released in soil and found in food, water and detected in urine.

Triclosan: Found in some soaps, toothpastes and weakens the immune as well as it effects the endocrine system or Thyroid

Fluoride:  Found in tap water, some mouthwashes and can pose risk to brain and thyroid.

Mercury & Aluminum: Found in amalgam tooth fillings & some vaccines shown to cause nerve damage and degeneration.

TIPS: Switch to Fluoride free toothpaste and mouthwashes. Remove Amalgam fillings from a specialized dentist.


(Watch 2nd half of Healthy Haven show on Detox & 4th show on Reversing Autoimmune conditions essential to help you rid of toxins so food and supplements are better absorbed.)


This is a HUGE factor since a poor quality diet of sugar, starchy foods like bagels, pasta, breads, gluten, GMO’s, preservatives, and poor oils like canola cause inflammation, depression, brain fog, mood swings and prevent you from thinking clearly.


Have diet consisting of Organic Fish Oil, DHA, coconut and Avocado oil, Flaxseed, Magnesium. D3 K2 combo. Vitamin & Mineral combo or Liquid Fulvic , Fresh Leafy Greens or powders such as Spirulina,

Blue/Green Algae, chlorella to Boost immune and cleanse blood. B vitamins especially B12, colostrum powder or capsule if you weren’t breast fed.

Women can benefit from progesterone cream and Fem Balance caps to regulate hormones, control hot flashes, and mood swings.


Get an Emotion Code Session to remove any negative spiritual entities that provoke you to have suicidal thoughts as well as geopathic stress found in your living environment that effect your thoughts and behavior.   An Emotion Code session can also remove any negative emotions you picked up at birth or in the womb, absorbed emotions from your parents and grandparents that can cause you to feel depressed and anxious.The Emotion Code can balance all your chakras, Pineal Gland, Vagus Nerve. Prefrontal Cortex ( part of brain that controls impulses & Neurotransmitters), remove allergies since they are emotionally related.


Depression is linked to dehydration and can induce anxiety and nervousness.  Make sure you have good quality water. Palomar Mountain is local and has the right PH to keep your body alkaline.

See the benefits of Palomar Mountain water on the Website.


Avoid any blue light from i-phone and electronics as it effects your melatonin and prevents you from getting quality sleep. That leads to mood swings, depression and lack of focus during the day.

Respect your body’s circadian rhythm and get to bed by 10:30pm


Walk in nature, sand, hug a tree, star gaze, sun gaze.

(More on 3rd Healthy Haven Show on Blue mind on Website)


Even undiagnosed, head injuries increase suicide risk.


Meditation, yoga, exercise, swim, surf, skate, draw, sing , read do something you enjoy to enhance the endorphins you need to feel happy.  I produce and host my own health show which is a mission that keeps me happy daily and helps me feel creative and purposeful as I continue to educate people to reach their optimal health.

We ALL have purpose in life and if we cut our own life short deliberately or give up because we were dealt what might appear to be an “unfair hand”, we will be brought right back to earth to still fulfill the purpose or mission we were assigned to do.

We may as well ‘GROW’ through our challenges rather than ‘GO’ through them.

You are needed on this earth or the Master of the Universe would have never created you to be here!  No one is a mistake

Watch all our past Healthy Haven Shows and podcasts on my website to help you reach optimal health and come to the 5th Healthy Haven show on Sunday May 31st. There is nothing like attending a Healthy Haven Show Live where you receive gifts at the door, interact with the speakers, win free raffle prizes and get to celebrate life with dessert to follow.

This is the one show that will be FREE OF CHARGE.

Special guest speaker Steve Bouchard will share his story about his unsuccessful attempt to jump off the Coronado bridge and Grateful to still be alive! We will celebrate his life with a Birthday cake as it will be his birthday weekend. Other guests will share their stories as well.

The event at the Venture Church (student center) is on the Suicide Epidemic including Depression, Anxiety, Fear and Stress. It’s located at 777 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas , Ca 92024. Get your seat at 3:45. The show will be recorded for You Tube at We encourage you to RSVP by email to ensure your seat.

Donations are welcome to cover other show costs. We are grateful the church has granted us free use of the room.

See Anna Mintz’s website at and email her at for a free 10-minute Emotion Code session or health consultation.

You are also encouraged to call a Suicide Hotline should you have any suicidal thoughts and can benefit from some guidance and support. 800-273-8255

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