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Changes — It’s always a work in progress, right?

Changes — It’s always a work in progress, right?

Everything seems to be changing these days—life, the country, world, everywhere you look it seems. With changes we often say we “hope it’s for the best” and we’re no different.

Sometimes changes become an oops and we change again. That’s happens when we don’t arrive on the planet with a manual.

I think the framers of the US Constitution got it right when they said their purpose was to create “a more perfect union.” That means emphasizing “more perfect”—not perfect.

We changed the magazine a lot. It’s not the best, but better for us. I’ve held on to the print form of communication a long time and that continues if people—readers and advertisers—decide it has value and want more.

Perhaps more than a lot of people, I really like holding what I read, but even I have noticed how much more time I spend online than doing that. There’s just so much more available online and it arrives instantly. Print is becoming more of a vacation or evening out. I’ve adjusted, but didn’t adjust the magazine.

We’ve been making changes incrementally, such as our calendar, and have totally redesigned our website—and then, last month, some unexpected challenges pushed us to change a lot now. What’s the same is that it’s a work in progress.

In print we will feature an article or two, some news and events and let you know what’s available in print. The focus will be on growing ourselves and our knowledge of what tools, health practices, environment, attitudes and ways to participate that will help us live the life we aspire to and be part of a supportive community. Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up with our changes. We want to reach even more people and it’s easier online—and we want to remind you in print of what you’re missing.

A Request

I’ve never liked it, but recently realized that online sites ask for donations constantly—and with all our changes it’s a good time to ask you for your help. We’ve made it 33 years now and close to 400 issues. How about sending a dollar for each year you got something from reading TLC?  Whatever works for you that will help us reach more people in “more perfect” ways.

In our society most of us are taught when we notice an abundance of lemons you make lemonade. We encourage our young to set up a lemonade stands.

Right now we have thousands of “lemons” (some say) headed toward our Southern border. At TLC we want to explore ways to move from our standard operating procedure of “lock ’em up” to exploring ways to make lemonade. Don’t the refugees simply want to set up a stand and do what we would do? How about if look for the healthy benefits of making lemonade? Have our laws and systems express our humanity.  I’m out of space, but will continue that thought on our site. When you vote, vote for us too.


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