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Confused about Fish Oil/Omega-3 Supplements?

If not you’re not paying close enough attention and probably need to take some fish oil supplements—or maybe not. It’s good for the brain—or maybe not. It’s interesting that back to back we have two studies that seem incompatible. If anything what it shows us is that studies never give us the truth, they tell us what researchers know so far, often about a small slice of things.

The study that seem to get the most overage was that omega-3 fatty found in fish may reduce the risk of stroke, but omega-3 supplements won’t help. But it’s not conclusive. In fact, the article that was at went back and forth so many times about uncertain possible benefits—or was it that healthy people just ate more fish—but there were other nutrients in fish (and omega-3 supplements). Pretty confusing. If you like puzzle it pretty good. Omega-3 does come from sources other than fish this research is about fish omega-3 supplements.
Another study was more clear—in a study of children, “Something as simple as a supplement could reduce disruptive, even abusive behavior” according to research. A supplement? Any guess on what supplement they were referring to? If you’re confused, the hint is in the headline above. Taking two pills and reading this again tomorrow is the recommended dosage, but not always suggested.

Look for omega-3s at and you’ll find a lot of benefits, i.e., fish oil helps the glymphatic system clear the brain of wastes such as metabolites. It helps with bipolar disorders and lowers blood pressure. OK, the bottom line is I’m not giving up any of my fish or supplements, if you don’t want yours let me know.
The other bottom line is we probably shouldn’t attach too rigidly to one way of doing things, it changes–almost defintiely. And don’t forget omega-3 for your aggressive kids.

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