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Do you know how to find your will?

Do you know how to find your will?

Do you know how to find your will? At the New Year our attention often turns to projects and goals. Whether designing a new app, writing a blog, sticking to healthy food/ workout regimen and/or eliminating an unhealthy one, you need your will. The problem is it may be trapped in a battle of internal resistance. You say you want to do something and it doesn’t happen…over and over. You’re stuck in a pattern that seems impossibly Sisyphean.

Here’s the tip. First, search inside to see if your goal touches your heart and soul. If it doesn’t, it’s not for you. You’ll need strong motivation and purpose to defeat the deathly grip of habitual resistance. Seek something that truly lights you up. Don’t move forward until you find it.

Second, stop blaming yourself. Any resistance to what you ‘should’ do arose initially to defend yourself from being unfairly dominated by others. What was once a self-saving strategy has become distorted into self-annihilation. You’re now resisting your own heart’s desires.

Next, start an inner dialogue between your resistance and the longing for something different. Acknowledge the defiant part’s service. Talk back fiercely about what moves you, touches you. Declare this true goal your choice. Ask the defiant one what support would make it easier to join you on this new path.

Finally, observe what happens in your body when you take a stand for what you really want. Feel the strength in your spine, the warmth in your heart, the energy in your groin. This is your will! Once connected, it’s here to help you create the life you deserve. Now, you’re the one in charge. You can do this!

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Penelope Young Andrade

Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist, founder of the San Diego Center for Psychosynthesis, and founder of Transformational Talk Radio. 858-481-5752

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