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Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing, or garshana, is the ancient Ayurvedic practice of brushing your skin in the morning in order to loosen impurities on the skin.

Dry brushing removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, and in doing so allows for better detoxification at the skins surface.

Dry brushing also improves lymphatic flow and thus increasing vitamin absorption throughout the body by increasing circulation.

Constant dry brushing helps to break up areas of stagnation and “stuckness,” getting rid of toxic buildup in the body.

Client A:

Medical Thermal Image of someone who dry brushes daily & makes their own homemade non-toxic deodorant (green = normal)

Client B:

Medical Thermal Image of someone who has never heard of dry brushing & uses store-bought toxic deodorant (red/white = hottest areas indicating extreme inflammation)

By Jessica Luibrand

Dry brushing is best done in the morning before you shower because it has a mild ‘caffeine’ effect where your body feels buzzed and invigorated. Because of its massage-like effects, dry brushing is also stress relieving and has a meditative effect.

Also, the side effects aren’t that bad, and may include the reduction of cellulite and glowing skin.How to select a dry brush.

The brush must be made of natural resources — such as a wood or bamboo brush with natural bristles. This is very important, brushing the skin with a plastic brush contains impurities that will then collect on the skin. The skin is the largest organ of your body, so it’s imperative to use a natural brush to gain all of the benefits of Dry Brushing.

Dry brushes are the brushes you see in any “shower” aisle of Target, Home Goods, Bed, Bath & Beyond and they range from $3–$10. The longer handle extends your arm & makes it easier to get to hard to reach areas like your mid-back.

How to dry brush
• Dry brush for about 5–10 minutes in the morning before you shower.
• Use firm pressure over the main areas, but lighter pressure over areas where the skin is thinner and more sensitive. Your skin should be pink after you brush, not red & irritated.
• Always brush UP toward your heart, brushing away from your heart will add stress on the heart.
• Brush UP your arms and UP your legs.
• Avoid painful areas
• Use circular motions over the joints
• Finish your Garshana with a shower to wash away all the impurities you have removed from your skin.

Other Lymphatic Tips:
• Self-massage your neck and shoulders with coconut oil
• Jump on a trampoline for 5 minutes a day to improve lymph flow
• Exercise by running, walking or jogging, any UP and DOWN movement to stimulate lymph circulation
Massage your lymph nodes in your neck near the bend in your mandible (jaw bone), massage your armpits, lower abdomen and inguinal area – these areas contain the largest lymph nodes

*+* Tip: you’ve probably felt your lymph nodes in your neck if you’ve ever gotten sick, they will swell to about the size of a dime!
• Make your own deodorant! Normal store-bought deodorant contains aluminum (which has been found in the brain of people with Alzheimer’s). Parabens and phthalates interfere with hormones in the body- notably estrogen and testosterone which can lead to chronic disease.
*+*  Tip: my favorite (read: easy) deodorant to make is Wellness Mama’s Natural DIY Deodorant, Deodorant #2 which contains four ingredients! Find it here:
• Get a lymphatic drainage massage from a professional
• Reduce your risk of cumulative radiation by choosing Thermography as your health assessment!


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