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Energy Medicine for Animals

Energy Medicine for Animals

Diane Budd


Diane Budd is a Sought-after animal communicator and healer Diane Budd is serving to bridge the gap in understanding between animals and their human companions. She teaches workshops on animal communication, animal healing, and zoopharmacognosy and offers in-home consultations around Cape Town, South Africa.

The following excerpt from her book Energy Medicine for Animals: The Biogentics of Animal Healing (Findhorn Press, 2019) is printed with permission of the publisher Inner Traditions International.

By Diane Budd



Functions of the Aura

As we’ve now established, horse auras have a similar function and purpose to those of humans i.e. your aura basically describes who you are.

The layers of the aura are a blueprint for the cells and tissues that make up the body, as well as for the horse’s emotions, state of awareness, relationships and level of life development. Because diseases and illnesses in the body are reflected in the aura, those who are sensitive can sometimes pick up a problem before it enters the physical body. The aura also has a direct connection to source and receives energy from the surrounding area too. It then transmits that energy to all parts of the body.

The Layers of the Auric Field

Each layer of the aura can be simple or complex, depending on where the animal is in their level of evolvement. They will also differ from horse to horse, depending on what is happening in their lives at that time. For those that are working horses, the physical (or first level) will be stronger and show a lot of physical ailments, both past and present. Others, who are more sensitive and highly strung, will have a denser emotional level.

Let’s take a look at the levels, starting with the colors. As it is very difficult to illustrate all that happens in the energy field, we have generalised the information and colors for easy understanding.

Colours of the Auric Levels

The colors and shapes of the aura are continually changing, reflecting changes in the horse’s physical health, as well as shifts in their emotions and relationships, both with us and within their herd. In general, the colors around horses are shades of pastel – the pale blues, greens, purples and warm yellows like caramel yellow. Even when the color is saturated, it has a shimmery color to it, almost sparkling. The outer soul level particularly has a shimmery, silver-grey look/feel to it.

Physical Level

In the human auric field we would call this the etheric body. It’s the first level that emanates out from the physical body and it has the same shape as the physical body. This etheric (or “physical”) layer is like a template of the physical body and reflects what is going on with that body, both inside and outside. It validates that energy is moving through the physical system and indicates the general state of health of the animal.

This is also the area where you can feel the age of the animal. Fairly young animals have a lightness to their energy, whereas much older animals have a heavier, denser feeling to them.

I always do a scan of this layer of the aura. I hold my hands about 10 cm above the physical body, working around the outline of the layer to check if there is anything there I need to pay attention to. I look for hot or cold spots, and notice any sensations in my body, for example, if my stomach suddenly feels sore.

This layer is also where I Level Colour Physical Creamy white Neutral reddish, pink or caramel Emotional Mental Ranges of yellow and caramel yellows Soul Light pastel blues and greens, sometimes purples and pinks, with a shimmery quality – the final line seen against a background is a silver grey colour pick up past or present issues, which may feel like scar tissue or inflammation respectively.

Once I have identified an area where they may be a problem, I then try to see inside to give me an idea of what is going on. This is called High Sense Perception and is covered in chapter 6.

vIf you are a physiotherapist, hydro therapist, body stress release practitioner or kinesiologist, or you read animals or work with them physically in any other way, this is where you will be able to pick up a physical condition, sometimes even before it manifests in the physical body….

In my experience, if you are trained in a medical field, for example as a nurse, doctor or vet, or you simply have a background in anatomy, then the etheric layer will be the one from which you can most easily pick up information.…

Emotional Level

The emotional layer is usually a very neutral pink-red color, and blobs of other colors also come up here, which tell us more about what is going on in the emotional level. Animal Communicators read this level naturally, because we connect to animals through the heart chakra. Most animals can manipulate, or cloak, the color though, depending on what they want you to see or don’t.

An Animal Communicator may feel an emotion but not be quite sure what it is. Sometimes an animal mentions an episode in their life, but does so very briefly. They are only willing to tell you that something happened and that it scared them emotionally. In that case, either they have already dealt with it and feel it is not necessary to reveal all, or it was so traumatic that they don’t feel ready to show a human just yet – or maybe ever.…

Sometimes animals find it hard to express what they feel and so will try to convey it through the Animal Communicator’s body. This is the way I pick up emotions and I then have to try and put into words what I am feeling. That can be extremely difficult, and I often get a range of emotions that are so deep and intense that I battle to associate the feeling with the correct word.

The emotional level shows the emotional health of the animal. A light color shows a positive attitude, and a dark color, like grey, a negative or depressed emotional space. Usually the darker the color, the more intense the emotion.

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