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Sing For Your Life!

Sing For Your Life!
Health & Well Being | Sing For Your Life! | San Diego, CA |

Event Overview

Sing For Your Life!

A holistic vocal boot camp for beginners to professionals. Learn mindful singing techniques for vocal longevity, overall health, and happiness. Whether you’re a diva while driving, a rock star in the shower, a member of the choir, a recording artist, preparing for that audition, seeking improvement of your overall health, or just want to sing out loud, this is the class for you! Workshops held on Saturdays for 5 weeks.  Visit for more information.

Sing For Your Life!

Taught by popular voice instructor Jaime Nicolaisen, this course provides instruction on the proper use of the voice for musical and emotional expression, performance, vocal strength, stamina and longevity, self-confidence and overall physical and mental health.  And, it’s fun! Not only are students learning proper voice technique, we sing for the joy of it! Among its’ many health benefits, singing is a powerful means of relieving stress through healthy breathing and oxygenation of brain cells.  Singing triggers the release of endorphins, stimulates the thyroid gland, exercises the heart and lungs, assists in detoxification of cells due to vibrations created throughout the body, develops abdominal and back muscles, and improves posture.  Singing instruction creates awareness of the body, its’ anatomy, and functions. Mindful singing and the living breath can help you heal and balance the self, creating greater efficiency, confidence, longevity, and happiness in your life. Students who deal with stress, depression, physical pain or trauma find guidance and often a certain level of relief from their individual challenges. The class offers group singing, which is enjoyed by all participants.  All appreciate and benefit from the personal attention afforded by Jaime, the instructor, and the warm and supportive, bonding atmosphere of the course in general. This course appeals to all ages. The age range of Jaime's students is 16 to 80 years!  Jaime teaches students who wish to sing for the love of it, professionals, amateurs, choir members, those who experience strain when singing and seek a remedy, Karaoke performers who want to improve, younger “newbies”, older folks whose time is freeing up to explore new fields of endeavor and satisfy their “bucket lists” and more.  ALL ARE WELCOME!

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Ticket Information

  • paid

When & Where

  • From: Aug 10, 2019; 11:00 AM
  • To: Sep 14, 2019; 01:00 PM
  • Location: Theatre Arts School of San Diego (Dorothea Laub Dance Place Building)

    2650 Truxtun Road, Studio 205 ( Liberty Station) 92106# San Diego, CA

Registration End Date

  • Aug 7, 2019,12:00 am

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