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Have a Solution? Maybe that’s the Problem. (Part II)

Have a Solution? Maybe that’s the Problem. (Part II)

You might notice—or not—that the title above is where I started last month. I wrote about 4-5 paragraphs for print with the idea of continuing it online and got a start to it and then—after print delivery—went to bed for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately I was sick, and again unfortunately, interrupting my recuperation time was the need to pay attention to changes going on in and around the house. I gradually and voluntarily crawled back into the world and discovered a lot to do.

I noticed a month or so ago I actually had habits—and many even supported me. So it’s been worthwhile too, to reestablish those routines and choose them again or adjust them. One of the first things I notice is the “bad” additions to my diet that somehow appear in my kitchen when I’m “healthy” aren’t as tasty and get tossed. All that seems to work is what Mom gave me when I got sick—homemade chicken noodle soup. The good news is my body seemed to remember that and knew what to do with it. So I’m back.

Now if I can just reinstall more of the “good” habits than the questionable ones this may have been a useful life exercise.

One thing I noticed right away is how to save time. When you don’t want to do anything, you tend to eliminate the unnecessary and only do the necessary, right?

I read a lot and don’t write as much as I want. I discovered there was a whole genre of articles I didn’t need. In fact I noticed how much journalism hasn’t changed a lot since I first got the bug at Orange Coast College and wrote about sports. Sports begins with who won and what happened—and strategy.

I noticed how much that carries over to politics and even wonder if that focus is what elected Donald Trump.

What was written was how he’d never win the primary unless he changed his strategy, and he’d never win the election unless he changed again. Different games, we were told.  He didn’t listen.

The focus was/is on the game and plan and not the goal. The game for the media is strategy and coming up with a great name that’s repeated over and over— such as Radical Socialism, Alt Right and Neoliberalism—seldom defined catch words. Often emotional ones. How useful are those kind of articles?

Why not look at the goal instead of how “they need” to move more to the center, the left or right? Do we need that?

Wouldn’t it be more useful if the media looked at issues  and turn them into conversations- instead of demanding that every opinion be the final word?

Why not set goals without knowing how to get there? Let’s not expect perfect answers, but agreed upon goals. Some of these goals are new ones for our society. Wouldn’t it be more like life—maybe easier and useful—if we remembered we came to this planet to discover, not know in advance what will work out perfectly.

Besides that would violate our prime directive—create a more  perfect union, i.e., not The Perfect One. That doesn’t happen without all of us/US exploring one step at a time-—and maybe giving up our perfect solution because the goals evolve too.

—Steve Hays

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