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Have a Solution? Maybe that’s the Problem.

Have a Solution? Maybe that’s the Problem.

It’s sad isn’t it, that we, as in us/US, can get so entrenched on a position that we know offers the one and only solution to what challenges us?—especially if we waste $6B to $11.5B and people suffer in the process, as we did during the shutdown.

Politicians become entrenched and in a way are forced to. They are expected to have the best and final answer about what will work often before the goals are even defined. The media, or the popcorn press as I think of them—you know, the ones that intensely follow where the popcorn is thrown only to quickly move to the next pile thrown because it’s bigger, often leaving incompletions in the first pile. We see it over and over—and now—we should expect to see it with health care.

The debate will become about the present system not supporting care on that scale, the cost, whether it is a “right” or not compared to is it right to do it, and very predictably we will hear about incomplete plans. Isn’t that to be expected when we are just starting the debate? Most politicians just discovered that people really want a health care system that works—for people!

Let’s be honest—no one has he perfect plan. If they did, we’d be violating our prime directive, wouldn’t we? Create a more perfect union. We’re not supposed to be perfect or know before we know. We’re supposed to learn. Discover. It’s kinda like living. But there are things we can do. (I will be posting additional content to this article soon)

—Steve Hays

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Publisher and Editor of The Life Connection Magazine Print and Online versions.

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