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Healthy Haven Event in Encinitas 2/23

Healthy Haven Event in Encinitas 2/23

Producer and host Anna Leah Mintz has announced that Keith Smith will be the keynote speaker at her special live event Feb 23. He will be discussing chronic reverse polarities have an impact on autoimmune disorders and other areas related to it. Also to be covered at the event is Releasing Negative Emotions Using Emotion /Body Code, Detoxifying the Body, EMFs-Radiation and 5G protection. Admission is $12 and you receive a gift upon arrival. There are free raffles and prizes as well. The event is from 4 to 6pm at the Encinitas Library at 540 Cornish Drive. The event is dedicated to the memory Anna’s Dad Morris Teshuba. Get tickets at or call (760) 310-1854.

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