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I’ve Got a Feeling

I’ve Got a Feeling

By Char Margolis

I’ve got a feeling. Have you ever said those words? You have an initial reaction to a new encounter to a person or situation without real logic attached to back up the statement? I have a feeling I cannot trust this person. I have a feeling this is someone trustworthy and I can depend on them. I feel this is a good place to work or this is someone who will be a good friend. I have a feeling my child is running with the wrong crowd or they are in trouble. How many times have you had this gut feeling and were right about it?

This, my friends, is your intuition. It is your sixth sense. It’s an innate feeling that overwhelms you about a situation you don’t have any reason to feel except it exists within you. For over four decades I have been teaching people to understand what this feeling means. It can help you prevent problems and attain goals in your life, when you accept it and act upon it. I always say “when you use logic, common sense and intuition, you get your best answers.”

I have a client who works from home. She is a nurse and does follow up work with patients by telephone. She, her husband and five-year-old son just moved into a new rural neighborhood. She wasn’t sure if there were other children near for her son to play with.

A few days after moving in there was a knock at the door. To her joy and surprise there were neighborhood children introducing themselves and wanting to play with her son. She was busy on the phone and felt guilty that her son was bored. They said “please can he come out to play?” Her first gut reaction was no.

However, her guilt and all the kids begging changed her mind. She said ok “but you must just stay in the back yard on the swing set.” She could keep a good eye on them from there from the kitchen window. She got distracted on the phone with a patient.

The next thing she knew, the kids were running to her door and knocking saying “Your little boy is in the pond!” She didn’t even know there was a body of water near. She ran to him. It was too late. He had drowned and CPR couldn’t revive him. Yes, her first instinct was to say no. She has to live with this the rest of her life. If she had only listened to her first feeling. Yes, to some it may be common sense. But like my mother always said “common sense isn’t all that common!”

I teach workshops about understanding energy and intuition. One type of workshop I do is teaching about understanding energy in the work place. I have done these for Microsoft in The Netherlands, attorneys in the U.S. and many more.

There is an unspoken communication going on at all times with all of us that has to do with the vibe we give off. That’s why a positive attitude is so important. On some energetic level others feel our moods and sometimes our thoughts. We all give off signals that many of us don’t realize we are giving off.

Did you know you can scan someone else’s energy? We can feel other people’s feelings and also their intent. Are they sincere and trustworthy or are they game players and manipulative? There are those who have your best interests at heart and are team players and there are those who only value themselves and are not good energy.

The method I have developed is extremely helpful if used wisely. However, if you are skeptical it won’t work. You have to believe in yourself and own your power.

You have to approach this without a single doubt. The Olympians that won gold medals were psyched to achieve their goals. One slight doubt could take them down.

It’s the same process with our attitudes in using our innate ability for intuition. In fact, Simone Biles, the gymnastic star, woke up that winning morning and said. “I have a good feeling about today.” Do you think entering into the competition she had anything but positive thoughts on her mind? Positive thoughts attract positive thoughts and bring positive results. Unfortunately, negative thoughts attract negative energy and bring negative results.

How can you get yourself in this positive state of mind? Some go to therapy while others meditate and stay grounded. Nevertheless, turning negative energy to positive energy is a wonderful tool to help our all-around well-being.

When scanning someone’s energy you need to have an open channel. So you don’t want any blocks in the way. The key is to tear down all walls so the energy is flowing easily and smoothly between the parties involved.

Before most business meetings, it is a good idea to talk about the small stuff that everyone can identify with. Maybe it’s the weather, or your last holiday, or the person you both have in common.

If you notice someone’s arms crossed, that is a barrier. They are either nervous, protecting themselves, or hiding something. So you want to get them more relaxed. Once their guard is down you can have a better chance at understanding them.

Like obtaining most goals in life, if we are too anxious it can get in the way. So we need to be patient, confident and centered. There’s an old saying “a watched pot never boils.” The information will flow when all signals are balanced. I will teach the actual scanning method during my workshop on November 5.

One of my requirements for succeeding is asking my students if they have the four C’s. Do you have the courage, confidence, and Commitment, to conquer your ability? In fact, do you have the 4 C’s in all your endeavors in your world?

The courage to accept that you have this sense and the courage not to be afraid to make a mistake? There really are no mistakes in intuition unless you don’t heed it. Do you have the confidence to own this ability and use it? Can you commit yourself to practice using it? And last can you conquer it by having the guts to act upon it? The universe is guiding you to make a choice that will make your life better! Do you have the wisdom to understand this guidance and the faith to accept it?

Thoughts are things. Thoughts create reality. Even the most subtle thought can be a whisper of protection for you. It can even be a matter of life and death for you or a loved one. We live in a world of energy. There are those that have good energy and those that have bad energy. It is important for all of us to keep a positive attitude so that we attract positive energy and positive results in our lives.

Your gut feeling will help you connect with the positive energy in your life. It will help you achieve the goals that you have.

I’m so excited to be teaching intuition and understanding positive energy in San Diego November 4th and 5th. I look forward to meeting many of you and helping you understand how to use your energy to be successful in all you do. I’ve got a feeling this is a weekend you don’t want to miss!

Sincerely yours,


Char Margolis is a renowned intuitive-medium shares with you her secrets for developing your own intuitive abilities.
Her gift to connect with the spirit world and strongly intuit messages is remarkable.
Frequently appearing as a guest on television, she has been stunning people around the world with her amazing intuitive talents for decades.
See has her own show on Dutch television.

For more information, visit Char.Net or call 1-888-909-CHAR for tickets.

“I don’t know how Char does it!” — Larry King

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