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Manifestation 2.0 – The New Way to Create Your Desires… Effortlessly

Manifestation 2.0 – The New Way to Create Your Desires… Effortlessly

Manifestation 2.0
The New Way to Create Your desires… Effortlessly

Oxana Lovich and Andrei Knight

Founders and head coaches, APEX Life Mastery


We all want more out of life.  And that’s exactly the problem.  Wanting.

We all know that what we focus on expands, and the premise behind concepts such as The Law of Attraction and The Secret is to focus your thoughts on what you want most… yet the dictionary actually defines “want” as the state of not having!

So while it is indeed important to focus our mind on our desired outcomes, as well as quiet any doubts and negative self-limiting beliefs, thinking of your goals as something off in the future, or as something outside of yourself that you need to “attract”, can have a detrimental side-effect: you are actually unknowingly giving energy to the not-having of it.

There’s a much better way to go about this, what we’ve come to call effortless manifestation.  In order to better understand how it works, let’s first discuss visualization.

Many manifestation guides will tell you to visualize your ideal future or outcome, but they fail to explain why this is important.  It is not meant to be merely an exercise in daydreaming.  It is actually intended to create a specific feeling within you.  The feeling of already having that which you desire.  Here.  Now.  In the present moment rather than off in some distant future.

Feelings and emotions, you see, are the language that the quantum universe understands, the signals that our bodies constantly transmit out into the energetic ether, and not our abstract images or the often-fragmented thoughts which accompany them.

To show you how this works, let’s look at the example of the Native American rain dance.  If you were to go in search of the right way to do it, you would find as many variations on the songs and dance steps as there are tribes.  In other words, there is no one “right” way to do it.  The songs and dances are simply designed to induce specific trance-like brainwaves, not unlike mantras are used in meditation.

Instead, what matters, is what is happening on the inside as the dancers perform the rain dance.  They feel what it feels like to have rain pelting their shoulders, their hair get heavier from the wetness, their toes slip into the mud – even when dancing on hard, parched earth.  In other words, they are experiencing the rain as if it were already here.

Before you can get a thing, or create a situation you desire, you have to know what it feels like to already have it.  BE it and embody it fully, until it becomes your new normal way of being.  After all, if you cannot imagine having a certain lifestyle, if it immediately brings up your triggers and limiting beliefs, then how are you ever going to accomplish it?  And, if no feelings arise for you at all, then perhaps you need to consider bigger goals which do evoke an emotional response.

If all of this is sounding a bit woo-woo for your taste (though quantum physics seems to be making new discoveries daily lately about how the consciousness of the observer influences the behavior of the particles which form reality around them), then let’s at least consider for a moment the purely psychological components.  Feeling differently about yourself is likely to affect your motivation levels, how you prioritize your schedule, and most certainly how others will respond to you.  Our brainwaves, emotions, and stress levels have also been linked directly to hormone production, which absolutely impacts our health and energy levels, and this in turn affects our productivity.

And, if that weren’t enough, Harvard Medical School released a study showing that a regular meditation practice of just twenty minutes per day shows evidence of new gray matter growth in the brain within as little as two weeks!  With everything we now know about neuroplasticity, you are quite literally re-wiring your brain for success!

If you keep telling yourself over and over that you can’t, pretty soon you won’t be able to.  And if instead you not only believe you can, but practice feeling what it will feel like to have already done it, then eventually you will.  That which you keep telling yourself eventually becomes your new reality.  Peak athletes and performers have used the power of visualization techniques such as these for decades, and with measurable results.

When it comes to what you wish to manifest for yourself, most visions will at some point involve more money.  Yet it is very difficult to get excited about numbers.  Plus, numbers have a way of being limiting.  Let’s say you dream of making $10,000 per month.  What if you could have made $20,000, or $100,000?  Remember, there are people who actually do!  And if you study them, you will find they are really not all that different from you – they merely have better beliefs about themselves.  And even imagining yourself as a millionaire is limiting, for there are new billionaires being created daily.

Rather, focus on what you do with the money (remember, present tense).  How does that make you feel?  If you want a new house, is it to grow your family, have extra space for a home business or hobby, or to have gatherings?  How does that feel?  This is what is known as going one past – what is the result, and the resulting feeling of that which you desire?  Practice feeling it daily until it becomes your new normal.  Until it becomes, well, effortless.

Most stumble with the concept of manifestation (and things will tend to work for you only to the extent that you believe that they will) if they start to think of it as making something pop out of thin air simply by thinking about it.  That would be difficult indeed!  But this article is about effortless manifestation.

First off, know that the thing or situation you desire already exists, somewhere – that shiny new car has already rolled off the assembly line – you are merely attracting it to you.  Making it part of your reality.  And that other you in some alternate reality of the multiverse already has gotten that promotion or new job!  It is your awareness that simply needs to switch tracks (think of it as a radio dial tuning to a different station, that’s all); for all possibilities truly already exist within the quantum field.

Next, know that you cannot possibly imagine a thing without also having the capability to carry it out.  Ideas come to us from the realm of infinite possibility, where else?  You may not know the next steps yet, sure, but that can always be researched.  New skills can always be learned, and the contact you need can always be made.  If the desire is there, and the belief can be brought in line, then the outcome becomes inevitable – there is always a way!

Which brings us to gratitude.

Gratitude is THE most powerful feeling when it comes to making manifestation work for you.  It is the true secret.  Why?  Because gratitude is the feeling of already having!  It is not visualizing some distant, far off future.  It is now.  It is not a hope or a wish.  It is certainty.  And certainty is one of the best cures for doubt.

So if you truly want to become an effortless manifestor, then you need to practice feeling gratitude on a regular basis, for this is truly the way to already BE that which you wish to become.  And that is infinitely more powerful than merely visualizing.

Of course, along with feeling grateful and successful, as it becomes your new normal, don’t forget to also take some bold action!

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    Oxana Lovich is a certified Reiki master, hypnotherapist, and transformational coach.  Andrei Knight teaches meditation, Tantra, and holds certifications as both an NLP practitioner and a professional coach.  Together, they founded APEX Life Mastery in order to combine their areas of study to create powerful tools to assist people with making the changes they desire in order to create the lives of their dreams. 

    Find out how you can unleash your true power and start living the life you truly deserve by visiting or searching for Apex Life Mastery on YouTube.

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