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Medical Intuitive & Hands on Healer – Interview with Kimberly Meredith

Medical Intuitive & Hands on Healer – Interview with Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith


Kimberly is a Medical Intuitive, Trance Channeler, and Surgical Hands on Healer. With a growing worldwide reputation, Kimberly is a vessel for the healing energy of God.

Through surgical hands-on healing and laying of hands, Kimberly has helped thousands of people during her events and private sessions.

Can you tell me about your near death experience and how it has changed your life?

I actually died and came back, it happened at the beginning of 2013. The near death experience (NDE) drastically changed my life: I do not walk or talk the same.

To explain it in short, I was in a car accident and during the NDE I went through a tunnel and remember seeing a beautiful white light and soft clouds. I heard a voice saying “you are safe”. I was in a hospital and when going into the white light, I was seeing my blood pressure dropping and hearing other sounds like nurses inserting I.V.’s into my arms, running around, etc. I wasn’t really afraid during this time. I was actually in a place of peace. It was quite beautiful. When I came to,

I felt an amazing amount of chills through my legs, I was quite sick. My neck would not move. I spent months in the hospital, and after I was in a wheel chair for several months. I felt a complete transformation from the life I had before. I had many questions at the time, such as “would I walk again?” I truly believe the chills going through my legs for days on end was the Holy Spirit and I had been saved. I know that my NDE was destined to happen and I am truly grateful.

My life has totally changed. My every breath is moved by God, and I am now on a mission. Yet, the world is challenged by such a dark energy; now and always has been. I could see this energy before the NDE, but more so after. I can see the worst in people and the brightest, however it is clear and more apparent now. Souls that come back from the other side are clearly here to help us.

I’m being used like a telephone pole from the spirit world. I’m here to witness this, as we all are, in this time and dimension if we chose. You see, God’s plan is bigger than yours or mine. This Energy of love is bigger than and stronger than any dark energy. Whether we chose this or not, we can heal, live in love, and witness this now. I do have the Divine blessings and we can have peace.

How does the Holy Spirit (Divine Energy) channel through you?

I want to clarify that I am not a religious holy roller. I believe the Holy Spirit is one with God. This Oneness is pure Divine Energy. An omnipotent Energy that I believe can create all, heal all, be all, and is our entire universe.

The Divine Spirit is received through my body, and I feel it lovingly. Hot and chill flashes, an enormous amount of powerful strength, like you could lift a car! You feel carried and lifted by the Divine.

Do you receive messages from higher sources such as angels or spirits?

Yes. They give me codes through blinking. I channel many energy forms who want us to move humanity forward and help our world, for peace and salvation, here. They’re speaking to us from the other side, and now is the time to end the greed and the corruption.

What is the code in your eye-blinking pattern?

The left eye means things are completely good and healthy. The right eye blinks when things are not good. Both eyes blink together when there is a God significant occurrence, like an accident, surgery, or NDE, where the Divine Energy has come in to save you. Some people I will ask, “Have you had an accident or had a NDE also?” It usually takes them a minute or two, but it clicks, and they remember. So at that point they know that they were, and are, saved by the Spirit.

I am a hands on healer. I lay hands when God gives permission through blinking in codes in combination with the consent of the client. The whole healing is guided by my eyes blinking while my hands are scanning and numb. The right eye starts blinking to perform the surgery and to pinpoint the issue. The left eye begins processing the Spirit into the body, meaning you are accepting the healing. Both eyes start blinking to say Spirit has healed your body. At that point you will feel healed and the body is healed. This has been performed on people and animals.

Why do you think you were given this gift?

They are bowing me forward, which is saying they did choose me. I have always felt compelled to serve. Since I was very little, as old as four months, my eyes were blinking. I have always Loved God.

Do you feel anyone can tap into the higher state of consciousness healing?

Yes! That’s the whole purpose of this happening. They want this from the other side. I do feel we all can tap into the higher state of consciousness. The higher thoughts and consciousness, they are God- The good loving thoughts. It’s when you can naturally open up the third eye and crown chakra, open up to the divine energy of god and surrendering to the higher dimensions and knowing that we can be safe in that energy, and stay in that energy. All is possible to manifest in this state. We can all be peacemakers in this world.

We don’t have to wait. The other side wants us to understand the energy is within all of us. We don’t have to be at the whim of anyone else. We can take responsibility to call in this higher consciousness.

For someone going through a spiritual awaking process what advice would you give them?

Everybody has a different spiritual awakening process. Some people it happens very fast, some it takes a lifetime to reach awakening. I have seen some people who have been to tons of classes, and others that have never been to a class and have their awakening. Each person will have his or her own epiphany to move into higher consciousness. Some people will ask, “Should I use this drink? Should I eat this herb?” The best thing to do is be yourself. Be silent, open, and listen. Open to the unexpected. The Miracle.

Do you believe in the afterlife? What do you feel happens to our soul when the body dies?

Yes, there is an afterlife. I believe that is why in this life we have to take responsibility for our consciousness and work on respect for ourselves and others; raising our consciousness, raising the love in our bodies, and being there for people. How we raise our consciousness is through serving and loving. By loving we can change our world. Yes, there is an afterlife, but what I get from the afterlife and living in the present moment now, the importance of being here now we respect each other and raise our consciousness. So when we do pass over, and transcend, you don’t get stuck in this lower dimension.

What is the next step in your journey?

The next step in my journey, is to teach a Science and God Consciousness Televisionshow, on a major network; to teach our youth that anything is possible, the healing power of the Holy Spirit and how we live in a multi-dimensional world. And how the show will help drive humanity forward. The show is for the people to witness the Miracles.


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