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New Age Shaman: Meet Jude the Healer

New Age Shaman: Meet Jude the Healer

Jude is a fourth generation shaman with over 20+ years of experience practicing spiritual healing in Los Angeles.

Visit our Website or Contact us for an appointment today: (310) 849-3119. Order a copy of Jude’s book Gaziboh, an inspiring story about man’s spiritual journey. Faebook: The Beverly Hills Shaman. You Too Can Heal by Dr. George King, Jude’s mentor and spiritual teacher is available on our website.


Q: What is Shamanic Healing?

JTH: Both spiritual healing and a shamanic spiritual healing serve the same purpose to help people on their path towards health and wellbeing. The main difference is the ability of a shaman healer to leave their physical body (Conscious Astral Travel) to connect with different planes of existence, universal energies and forces to find the root cause of people’s illness or problems and heal it 1st according to the individual Karma.

Q: How does a Shamanic Spiritual Healing work?

JTH: During a healing session, Jude connects with divine intelligence, or universal spiritual energy known as ‘prana’. This is the energy that enables us to inhabit a physical body and for our heart to have a beat among other things. Jude becomes a conduit through which this energy can flow to you. In other words, Jude himself is not the healer; rather he is being used by angels and guides to bring energy the client needs at this time, allowed by the client’s karma. This spiritual energy enables the body to heal itself, and use the energy to resolve problems in your life or for your highest good, according to your karma. Jude’s master, Dr. George King once said “Prana is life.”
While in session, Jude may detect root causes of your suffering, for example, past romantic relationships with lingering energetic ties, parental relationships holding you back, astral attachments (ghost attachments), acute sicknesses etc. You may have heard the expression ‘cut the cord’ with someone. Energetically this corresponds to releasing an energy attachment to someone or something else. Releasing this energy through shamanic healing will allow you to feel more like your whole, true self.

Q: What is New Age African Shamanism?

JTH: Years ago, traditional African shamanism used unsavory methods such as voodoo, charms, animal sacrifices, and amulets to achieve the same outcomes, which has justly attracted criticism and negative connotations attached to the word ‘shaman’. Contemporary shamanism that Jude practices no longer requires these methods to achieve positive outcomes due to the level of energy that is available to us from mother Earth today compared to years ago. Shamanism uses spiritual energy for the individual’s highest good, and does not warrant fear.

Q: Is spiritual healing dangerous?

JTH: No, it’s not dangerous, and there are no side effects following a healing. We are all made up of spiritual energy, it is the force that keeps our hearts beating. Our external activities and events of daily life can have a positive or negative effect on our Spiritual energetic makeup. During a healing with Jude, your spiritual body, through your aura, accepts from the healing exactly what the body needs at that particular time, replenishing energies that have been depleted. There are no negative side effects when this takes place, only positive results will come from a spiritual healing.

Q: Does this form of spiritual healing relate to any religious traditions or beliefs? Will it conflict with my own personal religious beliefs?

JTH: Shamanic spiritual healing transcends religious traditions. It will not conflict with your religious traditions or beliefs, and all can give and receive healing equally.

Q: How long do the benefits from a spiritual healing last?

JTH: This will depend on how long you can maintain a positive attitude, openness and positive actions and thoughts in service to others, which all serve to prolong the effects.

Q: Is there anything I can do following a session to enhance the effects of my healing?

JTH: Maintaining positive thoughts and environment, and informing Jude of your progress so he can continue sending you remote healing.

Q: Is remote healing less effective than an in-person healing?

JTH: Spiritual healing in person is more effective since you are in the positive, loving surroundings of the shaman healer; remote healing confers the same healing energy, but the effects may take longer due to your environmental conditions (i.e. negative people, atmosphere etc.) which can interfere.

Q: Since Karma plays a role in spiritual healing, can I change my Karma?

JTH: Suffering as a result of ‘bad’ Karmic patterns can be balanced through thoughts, actions and words that are ‘in service’ to others. Every ‘good’ action has 2x the effect to balance the ‘bad’. Examples include:
• Watering a plant
• Thinking about the good in others
• Giving food to the homeless
• Joining a peace group

Q: Do I need to have a specific problem or be ill to come see Jude?

JTH: Typically a problem, illness, or fear drives people to seek spiritual healing, however it should be used to maintain overall wellness and happiness. Anyone will benefit from spiritual healing. It will energize your chakras and help you be the best version of yourself.

Q: What does Jude do with the money he makes?

JTH: Jude uses part of the proceeds to fund his charity Gaziboh Global Healing Center Inc. (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization). In the US he does outreach and charity events to benefit the homeless and those in need (see his Facebook page for more info). He uses these as mechanisms to touch the lives of people who cannot afford to pay for a healing, hence the healing is free, but living costs, assistants and bills require an exchange with money so he can help more people. In total, Jude’s team includes 270 people globally helping him in this pursuit.

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