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New San Diego Group TreeWatch to Protect Our Urban Forest

New San Diego Group TreeWatch to Protect Our Urban Forest

The trees in the city are collectively referred to as the Urban Forest. 

The City of San Diego has some great plans: fighting climate change, protecting our urban forest and pursuing zero waste (just to name a few). We even have a Sustainability Department.

But, this March, healthy trees that were more than 110 years old were killed, over the objections of the neighbors. So, whatever policies we have in the books, trees are not being protected as they should be.

If you’re interested in protecting the trees in your neighborhood, a new group is forming: TreeWatch San Diego. We invite you to join!

TreeWatch is a neighborhood-based citizen-science program to involve residents in protecting their local trees. TreeWatchers learn how to survey and identify the trees in their area and become familiar with how to protect them.

Protect Your Neighorhood Shade…..

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