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Notice What You Notice: Mas Sajady and Reaching Ultimate Consciousness

Notice What You Notice: Mas Sajady and Reaching Ultimate Consciousness

by Cori Wilbur


There is a lot of pressure out there to be “normal” and to “fit in.” At some point in our lives, we face the fact that “regular” is merely a setting on our washing machine and that being different is “normal”. All of us possess a talent or specific skill, either by nature or nurture. Mas Sajady is one of those individuals with an innate gift. But it wasn’t until his second near death experience (NDE) that he decided to stop suppressing his gifts and started harnessing them to help people reach a new level of consciousness.

His conscious “epiphany” came when he nearly drowned. While pinned underwater, he ascended into a higher level of consciousness outside of his body. He awoke on a bed of rocks, now able to see the frequencies that make up the world–a detail blind to the naked eye. It was that moment the computer programmer and father of six realized he should no longer try to fit the molds of society.

Don’t call him a healer–Mas prefers the term “transformational catalyst,” acting as a channel for ‘pure energy.’ He stresses the concept “Change your frequency, change your life.” He works at the central frequency level, able to see patterns and blueprints and assists us in changing them for prosperity in all facets of life.
“Although I’m not a doctor, I have helped thousands free themselves of a variety of ailments including life-threatening ones,” Mas says. “The effects are usually felt immediately or soon after.”

The reason the transformations are felt so quickly? “This process deletes core level issues controlling your life that conventional methods fail to reach, thus awakening the individual and helping them to heal themselves,” he adds. This new sense of awareness and possibility is something he refers to as the 360° of Abundance.

According to Mas, everyone holds the ability to reach this level of awareness on their own but many don’t know the tools in which to get there. With his help, people can get to this place much quicker. Because he has experienced many sides of consciousness, he understands a pathway to achieve a higher level and connection. Clients report noticeable changes to their lives–physically, mentally and emotionally–in just a matter of a few sessions.

Through his continued personal journey of meditation, Mas nurtured and strengthened his ability to operate at this higher level. By 2009, he decided to share his gifts publically.

His services are now requested by thousands of people worldwide. Despite being compared to religious figures, his work has no specific religious affiliation, attracting clients from all ends of the spiritual spectrum.

One technique Mas uses to help his clients reach the 360° of Abundance is through Medihealing® which takes the benefits of meditation with the power of healing frequencies, creating a change in one’s vibrational make-up. This process can be experienced free during his weekly Exponential Intelligence podcasts and via the 21-Day Medihealing Program he offers monthly.

One topic that his work focuses on is the “Conscious Relationship.” However, this kind of relationship is not with other people. According to Mas, “it is really about how you interact with the environment around you. It is an interaction between you and how you identify who you are and where you are at a deeper spiritual level.” You can listen to his free podcast “Exponential Intelligence” to hear him discuss similar topics to this one.

Mas Sajady is a frequent speaker at health and wellness conferences and expos worldwide. At the beginning of this month, he will be one of the featured presenters at the Conscious Life Expo (February 9-12). On February 15, he will be here in San Diego! The event will be held at the Sunset Temple in North Park from 7-9pm. Contact to purchase tickets.

Ultimately, with his work, Mas wants to drive home the importance of being totally self-aware and appreciating all of the fine details of both your body and your surroundings. As he always says, “Notice What You Notice.”



Mas Sajady

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