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Organic Day at Circus Vargas 3/ 11

Organic Day at Circus Vargas 3/ 11

More than 100 years ago, the dangerous decline of overall health of our nation was forewarned in a book titled “Starving America,” which was written by a leading health advocate of that time.

Now, a new golden Era is upon us, where more and more of us recognize that simply through eating real foods such as an organically-grown bunch of carrots – and through supporting our local farmers and growing some of our own food—we are now reversing Starving America.

Once upon a time,  kids dreamed of running away to the Circus! Now you are invited to celebrate not only a new Golden Era of healthy food but an appreciation of healthy wholesome entertainment at Organic Day at Circus Vargas.  Join us for healthy snacks at 6 pm March 11 during the Escondido run of Circus Vargas!!

Above-Leslie Goldman (with red nose) joins with J.R Organics and Circus Vargas for special Organic Day.

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