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Sacred Keys to Making your Mission POSSIBLE

by Adrienne Prince

YOU were born on purpose, with a very important mission. You are a Sacred Seed, carrying within you the map to creating Earth’s optimal reality.

With today’s stormy political and cultural “weather,” in which every piece of information we encounter is suspect and every definable world view is potentially shaped and manipulated, where can we put our energies to ensure a truly positive future for the planet – and avoid massive pain, confusion and burnout?

San Diego ceremonialist and top blogger, Leslie Goldman (the Enchanted Gardener), and I, Adrienne Prince of, are committed to speaking on the urgent topic of

Mission Possible: Aligning Your Purpose with Nature!

Our message: This planet is an Enchanted Garden, grown and tended by our divine consciousness. Nature has a plan and a process for growing all living things. Fulfilling our heartfelt dreams and life purpose is part of Nature’s plan.  All of the inner and outer work and healing makes a BIG difference for the future of the Earth.

Members of the SoCal spiritual and holistic health communities know Leslie from his #1 blog on Curezone, and more than 40 years of positive activism, participation in local events and interactive poetry readings. He describes himself as an Essene gardener, the Cosmic Cheerleader and a multi-lifetime journalist who has persisted, in spite of severe physical challenges, in his cosmic assignment to chronicle “The History of Peace on Earth.” His Enchanted Garden Club claims a membership of thousands, who follow his blog and his regular Facebook postings.

The Enchanted Gardener’s main gift to the creative community over the years, is a special interactive exercise called “Plant Your Dream!” In this exercise, participants infuse an organic Kamut seed with their creative intention, and then plant it along with other Seed Dreams into a pot prepared with biodynamic soil. Major thought-leaders, authors, healers and visionary CEOs — as well as students and heart-centered Dreamers – have all planted their dreams.

We welcome Earth-loving community groups, vision-led workplaces and spiritual hubs to to Invite us in at no cost, to inspire your members and reinvigorate your organization’s core mission. Event organizers can learn more by listening to the recorded message at (619) 822-3148

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