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Source & Synchronicities

Source & Synchronicities

Preetha Ji and her husband, Krishna Ji are the founders of One World Academy, located in India.
They have joined forces with Sri Amma Bhagavan, founder of Oneness, to create O & O Academy.
O & O Academy will be hosting the “Source & Synchronicities” seminar in San Diego on January 20 and 21.
We had the chance to ask both Preetha Ji and seminar facilitator, Joyce Sinclair about the event and the academy as a whole.

Preetha Ji with Joyce Sinclair: interviewed by Cori Wilbur

TLC: What is the focal concept of the “Source & Synchronicities” seminar? Where does this title come from?

Preetha Ji: The focal concept of Source and Synchronicities is the coming together of the power of the source and the power of consciousness to bring about a phenomenal shift in three key areas of life–health, relationships and abundance.

Krishna Ji and I have given great attention to the word we use. The word “source” means universal consciousness; we use the word source because, to us, it represents going beyond all the religion and division in the world. Synchronicities refer to a magical happening. From our experience, we have seen that life, when you live from stressful states of consciousness inwardly, externally becomes a struggle. But when you live in a beautiful state of consciousness and are able to access the power of the source and power of consciousness, magical coincidences begin to happen.

In this course, we teach the science of creating these magical coincidences. There’s a science behind creating luck; there’s a science behind creating fortune; there’s a science behind creating coincidences; there’s a science behind creating what you call chance. And that is the secret you learn in Source & Synchronicities.

TLC: Why did you decide to expand your teachings to America/ Americans?

PJ: Source & Synchronicities is offered in every nation across the length and breadth of the world and is loved for its pure potential for transformation.

If you asked me why America needs this journey today more than ever, I would say that, if not for a fundamental revolution in consciousness, America would move further towards division, separation and further forms of unhappiness.

If we want to see a connected America and a connected world, a radical evolution in our consciousness is a must. It is not an option any more.

TLC: How did you get involved with Preetha Ji, O&O Academy and Synchronicities?

Joyce Sinclair: I was fortunate to get involved with O & O Academy when I attended a seminar back in 2012 with my daughter. The immediate shift we experienced in our relationship–wounds were healed and connected on a deeper level. My mother and both of my kids joined me in India for a course later the next year. Since then, my life has moved from a suffering state to a joyful state, for which I am forever grateful.

TLC: Will Preetha Ji be at “Source & Synchronicities”?

JS: Source & Synchronicities is a powerful live streamed event from India, which is led by Preetha Ji and supported by specially trained faculty of O & O academy. The event is simultaneously transmitted to participants in different venues. These gathering have the reflective energy of seekers pursuing one single passion and the collective energy of the meditation. This event will be happening in 4 locations in California. San Francisco, Orange County, Beverly Hills and San Diego.

Nevertheless, Preetha Ji leads the wisdom lessons and she also has the special gift of actually impacting the consciousness of seekers across space.

TLC: What does a typical class look like?

JS: A typical class at Source & Synchronicities is very different from anything you have seen before. Every single module at Source & Synchronicities is the coming together of insightful wisdom that has its ground in modern scientific understanding of brain and body and consciousness. They include meditations that are very ancient and the seekers are led through inner explorations, inner journeys, where all limitations fall away.

TLC: Is this the first time you are having this seminar? How is it different from a typical class?

JS: Source & Synchronicities is happening in America for the first time. Often times people dread going to self help or spirituality events because they suffer long lectures and metaphysics or meditations that people cannot easily do. However, Source & Synchronicities is different. According to Preetha Ji, it’s a perfect coming together of liberating wisdom, wisdom that actually sets you free and meditations and processes that empower you and give you a direct experience. It is a journey beyond belief; it takes you to the realm of discovery.

TLC: Tell us what people can expect at the seminar.

JS: At the seminar people can expect a great healing of their hearts, relationships and emotions, they can expect a huge awakening of love in their lives. They can also expect a great rejuvenation and a tremendous vitalizing of the body. They can also expect that after the journey they begin to have greater insights and they begin to see solutions to the many problems in their careers. Magical abundance begins to pour into their lives.

TLC: Is this class mainly for people who are already familiarized with the Eastern traditions? Or will newbies to Eastern traditions gain something from it as well?

JS: Source & Synchronicities will be a delight for both. It will be a delight for a newcomer, who has never ever before meditated, never done yoga before, never before been a vegan or a vegetarian or even looked into any of these practices before. It will also be a spiritual adventure for a seasoned mediator as well. It’s a must have experience for anyone who seeks to transform and live a beautiful life. It has nothing to do with familiarization with eastern traditions. The essence is not about being eastern or western, it’s about being human. It’s about going beyond what we perceive as ordinary human limitation.

TLC: In Preetha Ji’s Tedx Talk about eliminating stress, she says that stress comes from a self-centered way of thinking. In order to alleviate stress and live ‘beautifully,’ where do we need to redirect our focus to?

JS: To become free of stress, Preetha Ji says we need to redirect our focus from blaming someone else as the reason for our stress, to focus on our breath and on to actual emotion itself. In fact, Source & Synchronicities would be an immense help for anyone whether you are a working woman, whether you are a corporate executive, a student, a teenager engaged in sports, or if you are a parent juggling many jobs at once, whoever you are, Source & Synchronicities offers valuable lessons to free yourself of stress.

TLC: There is a belief that spiritual people shouldn’t get involved with politics, that society should separate from it. Does Preetha Ji teach that or does she encourage people to get involved in politics and have them reflect the community values more?

JS: Preetha Ji’s lessons are addressed to that rising generation of individuals both young and old who are conscious. She knows and she teaches that what the world needs today is conscious politicians, conscious doctors, conscious parents, conscious professionals in fact conscious human beings. Politics is a great instrument for transformation of structures of our society. Therefore, individuals who seek to rise into political power must invest their energy and attention on their inner evolution and take that inward evolution in every process of decision making to every debate, to every discussion and to every consideration of well-being of society..

Joyce Sinclair volunteers full time for O & O Academy to help expose others to Preetha Ji’s teachings. She helps organize events, such as “Source & Synchronicities,” in both San Diego and Los Angeles, from finding venues to directing traffic. She teaches and conducts meditations locally, free of charge. She, along with the rest of the faculty, will be handling the teaching at the “Source & Synchronicities” seminar.
To find out more about their January event, visit

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