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Spirit Traveler: Interview with Sonja Grace

Spirit Traveler: Interview with Sonja Grace

Sonja Grace


Has spent a lifetime traveling in the angelic realms, communicating with the archangels and sharing their wisdom. She is born of American Indian and Norwegian descent. A mystic healer, Sonja Grace has been counseling an international roster of clients for over thirty years offering stability, healing and guidance helping clients identify discomfort in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
Her new book, Spirit Traveler: Unlocking Ancient Mysteries and Secrets of the World’s Great Historic Sites. She will be speaking at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in February.

Q- Why did you write Spirit Traveler?

Simply put I think we have up to this point in history, quite rightly in most respects, relied on science to tell us what happened in ancient sites around the world. However, there is another view and different way of looking at things, research that is connected to Source. So the book is intended to take a unique approach to analyzing why famous historic sites, including the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Tiwanaku, were constructed.

As you know, there have been thousands of books written about these sites from the perspective of scientists and archaeologists. While this information is crucial to our knowledge, much of the mystery about them remains unsolved and questions surrounding their purpose have lingered through the centuries. My intention with Spirit Traveler was to offer a completely different perspective on the purpose of these sites and the reasons for their construction. Plus, I hope it to be the companion book to the documentary Spirit Traveler, which is currently in production.

I also believe that I am the only one who really has access to this knowledge at this point. I have spent lifetimes working in the ethers with angels and my guides who help me to shed light on what the people and cultures of the past were doing at these sites and why. I think I’m offering a brand new understanding of the events that took place there centuries ago and that it is a unique understanding of the true history. My ability to see Demi Gods or Star Beings has been an overwhelming experience throughout my life. The information that they share with me is key to understanding the truth of what took place.

What sites does the book cover?

Spirit Traveler is about some of the world’s most sacred places – many of them World Heritage Sites such as Skellig Michael in Ireland, Tiwanaku in Bolivia, Stonehenge in England, Hagar Qim in Malta, St. Winifred’s Well in Wales, Chichen Itza in Mexico, The Great Khafre Pyramids in Egypt and The Rock of Cashel in Ireland. Mine is a completely unique approach to these places. Firstly, I examine the history of these sites as we know it, as it is currently written in the history books and guidebooks. The book discusses the cycles of the sun, specific architecture, rituals and ceremonial practices and Earth energies.

Then, I ‘spirit travel’ back through time and my guides show me history as it happened. Amazingly, I am able to answer a lot of the questions that have puzzled historians and archaeologists for hundreds of years. I learn what the purpose of Stonehenge was and why and how the pyramids were built and why their geometry is so significant and I also discover why Skellig Rock was so important to the monks who lived there.

I have learned that our beliefs about these sites seem to have been wrong all along and their importance is something other than what we have thought. I am able to shine a new light on our historical understanding of these places and their relationships to the Earth. I discover Demi gods and star beings and their influence on humans over 12,000 years ago. I set the book out so that the first half of the chapter discusses what we know and the second half I describe my experience ‘spirit traveling’ to the sacred site.

What is a ‘spirit traveler’?

Some people want to think that I am astral projecting but I am not. Actually what happens when I go into meditation is that my body dissolves completely and at that time my guides take me to sites around the world. When I work as a healer I am able to defy time and space and put myself in front of the client so that I can work on them. In my ‘spirit traveling’ I go one step further; I actually time travel. I never attempt this without my guides.

What have you learned about the sacred places to which you ‘spirit traveled’?

Among the most important things I have learned is that since the beginning of time humans have been influenced by Demi Gods or ‘star beings’. Their impact is evident in historic art and megalithic structures. Some of these Demi Gods are still worshipped to this day. Many of them left around 4000 BCE allowing humans to stand on their own and practice what they had learned. In other ancient societies the people became afraid once the ‘star beings’ left and from that fear came deviant behaviors in the form of human sacrifice and bizarre worship in the hope that the Demi gods would return. They did not return and consequently many great civilizations fell – destroyed by their inhumanity toward one another.

How does what you have learned differ from what we read in history books and the travel guides?

It is my belief that much of our history is influenced by the politics and religion of the times in which it is written. I have learned that the people of Earth 12,000 years ago were intelligent and skilled farmers and metaphysicians. They learned valuable ceremonies and rituals from the Demi Gods. At the end of the last ice age huge portals opened up all over Earth calling to the Demi Gods to start a new phase of humanity.

Unfortunately, what the people learned back then has morphed and changed and over time many of the ceremonies and rituals have been misinterpreted. For example, the purpose of the burial mounds next to Stonehenge was not, as many experts claim, to practice death rituals, but instead the burial place of high priestesses and the elite. They were buried there in the hopes that after their deaths they would reach the Demi Gods and bring them back.
Have you actually visited any of the places you write about? If so tell us what you discovered there and how that matched your spirit travels?

I have actually visited some of the sites I have written about. Stonehenge is for me one of the most impressive sites on Earth and sitting in the middle of the great Sarsen stone circle confirmed for me my previous ‘spirit travels’ there.

While I was at the site I met a local man who had recently been a part of an archeological dig on Salisbury Plain. He told me they found the tooth of an Oryx, which is a large animal, a cross between a cow and an elephant. Oryx roamed the earth around 4,000 BCE potentially pushing back the creation of megalithic stone circle to the same time – much earlier than the current history books believe and completely inline with what I had discovered during my spirit travels. This man believes they will soon have to rewrite all the history books since historians were wrong and my dates were right!

What is the true importance of these sacred sites across the world?

Every one of the sites I write about accessed Earth’s energy portals and has been a receiver of cosmic energy and possesses deep connections to Earth’s energy. In my ‘spirit travels’ I learned that the people who lived at these sites were aware of their importance as healing centers. Some even knew that they could travel beyond the Earth from the sites. The portals created worm-holes to other sites on Earth and in our galaxy. Castlerigg Henge in the U.K. is a portal that is also a bridge that was used by the Demi Gods who came through 12,000 years ago. The Norse Gods refer to this bridge as legendary Bifrost rainbow bridge that connected Midgard or Earth and Asgard the realm of Gods in Norse mythology. Even the legends of old carry truth.

Which is your favorite sacred site and why?

My favorite site is Hagar Qim. It was a ridiculous effort to write the chapter because the site is so complicated (I found myself lost in the maze of the site along with my editor!) it is the oldest religious site on Earth. One of the things I teach about most often is the duality (wrong and right, good and evil, light and dark) and how through meditation and connection to the Earth we can find a third place – that of inner peace where we can sit and observe all that takes place in this external measuring system. At Hagar Qim there are two rooms in the complex, one that held all that was good and across the corridor was the room that held all that was bad. During my ‘spirit travels’ I stood in both rooms, overwhelmed with these feelings. It was explained to me, by my guides, that the women who served at this temple understood Hagar Qim kept the balance for the world. By having these two spaces holding the light and dark, good and evil they were responsible for holding the Earth in balance. I felt so honored to be shown this especially because my teachings are a true reflection of this site.

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