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The Emotion Code – Getting to the ROOT Cause of Your Health Conditions

The Emotion Code – Getting to the ROOT Cause of Your Health Conditions

Anna Leah Mintz

Anna Leah’s next Healthy Haven Live Talk Show will be held May 7. Her key note speaker is Alana Oceana /Marine Biologist from Dr. Wallace J. Nichols Blue Mind team.

She will be discussing the importance and benefits of being in, on or under water using the Blue Mind on a regular basis  to help relieve stress, improve cognitive function and promote creativity.

A guided mediation will conclude this show.  Tickets & Details on:

Anna Leah Mintz is a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Producer of the Healthy Haven Show, San Diego’s first live talk show with a focus on optimum health. She uses the Emotion Code as well as her shows to help keep people healthy.

In addition to her live show held in San Marcos, she posts her show on YouTube at Natural Healthy Haven and has more at her website at

Health has not always been her focus. She came to California from her native Canada 25 years ago to use her Honors BA in Drama in Education from the University of Windsor and teach at various elementary schools. That led to two years as a principal/school director, which she left when her focus shifted to her own family to “raise three beautiful children—two boys and a girl.”

After noticing several family and friends dealing with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and heart issues, Anna Leah decided to shift from educating children to educating the public on natural health and healthy living.

As a strong believer in Epigenetics, she believes one is fully capable of changing their environment, diet, mindset and lifestyle to heal any unhealthy genes that are contributing to a health condition. She also believes that many conditions are preventable and reversible.

As her children grew older, Anna Leah spent several years studying to be a Health Consultant, Detox Specialist and Nutritionist, receiving several certificates through Total Health Mastery.  She was able to help many people improve their health by teaching mini workshops. She soon realized, however, that people weren’t always getting to the root cause of why they had their ailments.

It was then that she discovered the Emotion Code created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  The Emotion Code is Energy work that she describes as, “one of the most revolutionary methods of healing a number of health conditions” from the physical to the mental, emotional and even spiritual.

After experiencing a weekend workshop, Anna Leah was inspired to “master this modality.” It completely changed her practice and method of healing.

Below she describes the Emotion Code and show in more detail:

How does the Emotion Code Work?

The Emotion Code works by detecting negative emotions stored in the subconscious mind that can go as far back as when you were in your mother’s womb. There are a total of 60 negative emotions. The subconscious can be considered the blueprint to your entire body. It knows everything about you and why you are dealing with this condition.

Conditions that can be addressed include; Allergies, ADD, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive issues, Fear, Negative energy blocks preventing you from reaching your goals, Confidence issues, Suicidal thoughts, Financial blockages, Relationship issues, Stress, Old Inheritances from relatives, PTSD and so much more.

**PETS are also affected by Negative emotions, especially rescue pets who were abused or abandoned & may have separation anxiety or bite their fur, and they too can benefit from this modality.

What is stored in the subconscious can be detected by using a pendant that spins over the top part of your hand or any part of your body. Other practitioners detect it using muscle testing or the O-ring methods.

Anna releases one emotion at a time by running a magnet starting from your forehead and up over the governing meridian down to the back of your head. The magnet magnifies and releases the emotion. If the condition still remains, Anna will look into the 6 potential imbalances located in the body code which consist of:

Pathogens- parasites, mold, fungus, bacteria or viruses

Misalignment of bone, ligament, joints.

Nutrition deficiency/Nutrition Imbalance- i.e.: something lacking in the diet, or something that needs to be removed that is possibly causing allergy or inflammation. Energies. Allergies, PTSD, Anxiety, Fear, Depression.

Circuits and Systems-EMF radiation.

Toxic chemicals-mercury, aluminum.

The cause of the condition will always be due to one of these imbalances and that’s the beauty of being able to detect the ROOT cause of any condition.

What is so special about this modality?

This modality is special because once you detect the emotions one at a time (like peeling the layers off an onion), you can get to the ROOT and remove each one in seconds using a magnet. It is quick, non-invasive and permanent.   A list of negative emotions that can be worked on can be found on line.

Anna is most grateful for this healing modality gifted to her by the divine so she can fulfill her mission to help us reach optimal health!

As for the Healthy Haven show, how did it come to be and what can one expect?

It has been Anna’s long-time vision and passion to want to help people achieve optimal health through mini workshops or a larger crowd. Putting a show like this together enabled her to do just that. The shows offer 21st century information on how to create a Healthy Haven Here on Earth. It is presented by carefully selected guest speakers, who all specialize on specific topics. The audience can actively participate and is entertained with quiz questions, prizes and raffles.

There are door giveaways and guests also receive valuable handbooks with specials on CBD, EMF products and so much more upon admission. There are also performances from a variety of Healthy Haven performers, cheerleaders, and dancers that carry out the motto: “Let’s Create a Haven Here on Earth.”

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