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The Female Archangels Oracle Cards Previewed

The Female Archangels Oracle Cards Previewed


is an award-winning author, speaker, and pioneer of spiritual Ascension. As a former cancer research scientist, she blends the seen and unseen realms into her certified modalities, Angel Healing® and Unicorn Healing®, which are taught worldwide. The author of several books, including The Female Archangels, Calista lives in Perthshire, Scotland.

Oracle Cards

Female Archangels by Calista

For aeons, angels have been depicted as masculine beings, but times are changing! In this first oracle deck to explore who the female Archangels are (alongside their masculine counterparts) you’ll meet, merge, and embody the angels and together, create your version of Heaven on Earth.

This deck explores who the Archeiai [are-key-eye] are, aka the female Archangels, why they are now coming to humanity’s aid, their role in helping raise Divine Feminine consciousness, and how to partner them to live an extraordinary life. You can use this high-vibrational deck to receive meaningful divination messages and angelic healing, discover your celestial origin, learn how to partner the Source Rays, attune to angels directly, and benefit from a rich buffet of unique resolve-to-rise techniques.

While this deck is a loving reflection of the Archangelic realms and the heavenly support that’s always available to us, it pulls no punches! Gone are the days of “fluffy” angel oracles, for us savvy spiritual seekers are now ready for more relatable Truth, which the Archeiai share so abundantly. Together with their masculine counterparts, sacred energies, and Light-encoded illustrations, the angels will evoke and escort you through many breakthroughs on a return journey to bliss and balance. Get set to be seen, heard, healed, and empowered as your dreams manifest, your vibration rises, and your heart fills with Love anew.

Open your wings . . . it’s time to fly!


From “How to Use Your Cards”

Boosting Trust and Angel Connection 

Over the last 13 years of teaching Angel Healing, the question I’m asked the most is, “How can I increase my angelic connection?” Because this oracle is multi-purpose, bridging divination, angelic attunement, hands-on healing and so much more, the angels wanted to share a staple of this healing modality: the Four Essential Steps. These steps – breathing, centring, grounding, and connection – ensure you’re grounded in your own Light, free of egoic doubt, and receptive to angelic guidance. The steps, which take only a few moments to do, will enhance any energetic practice from your angel readings to meditation to healing to having better sex! Try them out and notice how different you feel before and after . . .

The Four Essential Steps 

Step 1: Breathing – Close your eyes and use Source Breath. Let go of everything before this moment. Enjoy how the Light-filled air consciously aligns you to Source . . .

Step 2: Centring – Bring your focus into your heart, imagining you’re standing within it. Upon every inhale your heart fills with Golden Light – let yourself be bathed by it. If thoughts arise, observe them, then take your attention back into your heart. Experience your Self, centred as the heart of Creation.

Step 3: Grounding – Imagine Golden roots growing from the top and base of your heart. Those growing down move through your lower chakras and into the heart of Mother Earth. Feel her Divine Feminine Love return to you as you breathe her energy into your body. The roots from the top of your heart move through your upper chakras and into the heart of the Sun. Feel Sacred Masculine Love return to you as you bring this energy into your body.

Step 4: Connection – Experience the stillness and the finer vibrations in and around you. Affirm with conviction: “I am pure loving Awareness as the reflection of Source.” Now connect with your guardian angel(s)/Archeiai/Archangels. Talk with them, ask questions, channel healing together, or collaborate creatively, trusting the first sense, answer, gut feeling, or creative insight as coming from the angels.

Invite the angel(s) to stay with you for a specific time frame (a few minutes, hours, days, weeks) depending on your intention. Observe and sense their unique

energetic signature so you know in the future when they are with you. And when it’s time to end your communication, reverse the Four Essential Steps – ask the angel to stand back and out of your energy field to disconnect, ground and recentre with deep breaths, and thank the angel(s).

Rise Like an Angel 

Each card has five descriptive sections. These include direct, loving messages from the angels, plus reversal meanings, i.e., when cards come out of the deck upside-down. Like the best teachers who poke and provoke us to our excellence, the reversal messages serve as divine wake-up calls! Embrace them if they ring true for you.

You’ll also find a “Rise Like an Angel” section that supports you to embody and express the angels through guided experiences, resolve techniques, visualizations, and angel rituals.

Lastly, there’s a “Blessing” to help integrate the angels’ medicine into your everyday life. These affirmations, like all the messages, tools, practices and attunements, are encoded with Light frequencies to bring your Heaven to Earth.



  1. Archeia Faith 

“Lead with Confidence” 

Angel Message 

“I am helping you to demystify all negative perceptions so you can know yourself as the conscious Creator of your life and RISE.” 

Expanded Meaning 

Archeia Faith, whose name is derived from the Latin fidere, meaning “to trust”, serves on the Blue, Gold and Sapphire Ray of Divine Will, Power, and Protection with her counterpart, Archangel Michael. Faith (also known as Mikaela) has the powerful presence of a Norse Valkyrie blended with a soft and open energy. Since 2011, Faith has been focusing her Light on Earth to help humanity ascend. She wears less armour than Michael as her unwavering belief is her protection. Faith is guiding you to look at how can you bring (and be) faith in this situation? What do you need to surrender . . . and surrender into to feel better? Alchemize uncertainty using Faith’s Golden Blue Fire and rest into the knowing you got this!

Invite in Archeia Faith for confidence, knowing you’re always supported, leadership, seeing the best in all, self-assurance, and understanding the Source Rays. Reverse Card Meaning 

Don’t allow doubt to cripple your self-belief and power to act. Have courage to reach for what’s important. Rejoice in the benefits of personal responsibility.

Rise Like an Angel: Wings of Trust 

Place Faith’s card on your heart with your hands resting on top. Come into a meditative state, sensing Archeia Faith and Golden Blue Fire with you.

Breathe into this cleansing fire, allowing it to fill your heart completely . . . From your heart, connect to the centre of Earth and the centre of the Sun . . . Ask Faith to purify your energy field of negative influences and remove from your throat any energetic shrouds, collars, or chains now . . .

As all releases, Faith connects you to Source. In response your wings begin to grow from the back of your heart. Feel into your wings . . . Notice their size, colour, quality, and type . . . Dip your wings into the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of Heaven. Open your arms and physically move your body in rhythm with your wings . . . Know your wings can stabilize, comfort, and shield you in any storms of life, helping you to be the eye of the storm so that no matter what, you remain in divine perspective. Breathe in deeply as you begin to merge with Archeia Faith. Feel her unwavering certainty moving through you, as you . . .

Before closing the journey and thanking Faith, set the intention to lead your life in greater trust, knowing your angels – as your wings – forever have your back! Blessing

With arms open wide, say aloud three times with conviction, “I rejoice in knowing that my life is by my design.

  1. Archeia Hope 

“Expect the Best” 

Angel Message 

“Expect only good things to happen. You deserve the best. Believe in your capabilities as you rise above doubt.” 

Expanded Meaning 

Archeia Hope, whose name is derived from the Old English hopian, meaning “positive expectation”, serves on the White and Crystalline Ray of Harmony, Purity, and Communication with her counterpart, Archangel Gabriel. Hope (also known as Annunciata) epitomizes “innocence in flow”. Equally, being the strength behind Gabriel, she can help you tap into your inner power. Hope walks on water to reflect that anything is possible! Her halo magnifies this impenetrable certainty. She reminds you that hope isn’t something to gain but a vibration to raise into. Let her wash away any doubts you’re carrying so you can spiral upwards into hope, into thinking and feeling as Source. Meditating, being in/near water, bringing white lilies (Hope’s flower) into your space are great ways to raise your vibration into hopefulness.

Invite in Archeia Hope for calm, inner guidance, aligning the self and Higher Self, raising vibration, optimism, reassurance you’re always One with Source, and development of the navel and base chakras.

Reverse Card Meaning 

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Honour them but don’t stay in reaction mode for too long. Reach for calm.

Rise Like an Angel: Rising into Hope 

Couple the following visualization with uplifting affirmations and art in your space (like rainbow symbolism) to keep your vibe in the state of hope.

Look to the translucent Grecian waters within the card. Breathe in the aqua greens and blues, and the pearlescent Light of Archeia Hope. Feel her with you as you close your eyes and lift into a frequency of calm . . . Bring up all thoughts and feelings into this peace as you and Higher Self become One . . . Breathe the cool sea air, noticing how refreshing it is . . . Now imagine the most hopeful version of you. Sense what you look and feel like. How do you live your life? How different is your vibrational state and mindset? . . . Step into this future, hopeful you. Rejoice in knowing that all pathways of opportunity are open for you. And if obstacles appear in front of you, know that hope will find a way through them.

Breathe in . . . become this most confident You . . . breathe out, thanking Archeia Hope to close.


With arms open wide, say aloud three times with conviction, “I am a lover of life and its Infinite possibilities.”


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