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The Integrity Effect

The Integrity Effect

Melissa Joy Jonsson


Melissa Joy Jonsson has announced that her popular transformational ‘M-Joy Integrative’ seminar will be offered in San Diego October 14-15, 2017.

The seminar will teach a whole way of being, including strategies and methods for interacting with patterns that shape the experience of reality.

For registration and more information:

by Melissa Joy Jonsson, Excerpted and Adapted from the bestselling book The Integrity Effect available on Amazon.

Words, deeds, and actions are all energetic containers for the essence of integrity to flow. Integrity is the skin of the soul, our largest organ and interface (inner-face), which breathes life into all endeavors.

When integrity is congested by confusion, deception, or manipulation, the flow of integrity is obstructed in all systems of inner actions and interactions. Integrity is not a barrier; rather, integrity is a carrier wave to bare what is raw and authentic in the heart-soul of our being. Integrity opens us to our truth, a song for the soul’s transmission of love—love that transmutes and transforms everything.

Integrity cannot be compartmentalized, no matter how many mental lies are told. When integrity is compromised, the broken promise to self reverberates into the eternal soul.

Broken integrity creates wounds that lie before us. Ini- tially the wounds may be only scratches or scuffs we may overlook, mask, or cover by a bandage. Left unattended without authentic awareness, the wounds will fester, bleed, and infect all organizations of the interconnected systems of reality.

What once was hidden by a bandage of protection may bondage the soul’s True Authentic Expression. Life cir- cumstances will present like salt thrown in the wound to beckon our attention.

Through our hearts, we can air the wounds with the breath of honesty, inspired by integrity. This loving action will flow directly to the hemorrhage and heal the soul, restoring cohesiveness by providing wounds with the necessary ingredients to mend what once was severed.

We can allow the organ of integrity to orchestrate har- monic symphonies in all aspects of life with ease as grace. Love is integrity and can end all self-betrayal. Love as integrity is loyalty to the soul.

Defining Integrity
Integrity is deeply personal to everyone and yet transpersonal in that it affects everyone. Integrity may mean some-thing different to everyone, depending upon personal thoughts and beliefs. It is not important that we be on the same page with respect to defining integrity. What is important is that you discover the essence of integrity that already exists within your heart.

Nonetheless, the integrity I am describing is an energetic integrity, centered in the heart, which radiates through congruent choices and actions, reflected in observable matters of everyday reality. Integrity includes a facet of transparency.
At the time this article is being written, there are no technological tools to measure energetic integrity. We can observe the effects of embodying integrity. We can also sense integrity like we may notice the presence of light in a dark room. We are attracted to the radiating essence of integrity as the light of life.

However, simply because we can’t measure energetic integrity doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and can’t eventually be captured scientifically as an observable and measurable phenomenon.

As heart coherence can now be measured through elec- tromagnetic tools, evidenced through HeartMath Institute research, I suspect the energetics of the Integrity Effect will also someday be measurable too.
Simply because energetic integrity may not yet be mea- surable does not mean it does not exist, for integrity as an essential quality is real, just like we know love is real. We know it when we feel it, and it is very real to us when we experience it.

Sensing Integrity
Once upon a time, the collective consciousness did not believe in the existence of germs, because science could not see or measure germs. Then the microscope was invented. Now germ theory is a fundamental tenet of medicine. This theory states that microorganisms, which are too small to be seen without the aid of a microscope, can invade the body and cause certain diseases. Until the acceptance of germ theory, diseases were often perceived as punishment for a person’s evil behavior.

What is invisible to the naked eye is not unreal. It is simply . . . invisible to the naked eye. So, too, is the invisible essence of integrity that expresses through coherent wave-based interference patterns. Organized movement. Organized flow. Organized glow.

Some of us see these waveforms with expanded percep- tion, and we know they are every bit as real as coffee tables. Others hold hands with skepticism and wait for the tools to prove the existence of unseen realities.

Wherever we are on the continuum of knowing or doubting, trust that someday soon what is hidden will be revealed. Perhaps we will be able to calibrate integrity in the same way we may sit down for a cup of tea—with ease and grace.
Our settings for reality will change. The settings are changing now. Feel it. Know it. Trust it. Our hearts can calibrate integrity. Our hearts have an innate sensor for the Integrity Effect.

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