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The Magic of Affirmation Power

The Magic of Affirmation Power

The Magic of Affirmation Power by Michele Blood


I am gifting you now three of my favorite affirmation songs. Just go to this link now to download. I Am Healed. I Am A Magnet To Money and Persistence.I thank Life Connection Magazine for making these MusiVation™ songs available to you at

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“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

… The Buddha


The Buddha taught this over two and a half thousand years ago, so it’s not such a big secret. With our thoughts we create the world. You can use your thoughts through positive affirmations, visualization, meditation and music. With the combination of all four tools in just a few short months you can turn your entire life to the positive.

I know you want a better life, a richer, more successful life. I know this, for deep inside we all do, and that is why I congratulate you. You are not one of the millions who sit at home night after night in front of the TV hoping and praying that one day, maybe, if they win a lottery, if only this, if only that, everybody else is just lucky, they say. But do you know what luck stands for? Luck stands for learning and loving under correct knowledge. Statistics have proven that most people who win the lottery generally lose it quickly because they did not resonate with wealth in their consciousness and were not prepared for such a large change in lifestyle.

When we are prepared in consciousness to accept prosperity, and to be healed then true change is experienced. You are a magnet through your thoughts. Through changing your thinking, you can become as rich, healthy and happy as you wish to be.  You have to decide you want a better life and then take the advice in this book. It simply takes you making a decision. I know that nothing is impossible for you! I know this because I have experienced that nothing is impossible for me. Allow me to now share with you how this all started.

I was a pop singer and songwriter in my native Australia and had a certain amount of success working six nights a week touring all over the country. I was persistent, and my bands were excellent. We worked hard. I co-wrote and recorded many, many songs; however, the big so-called lucky break seemed to elude me. I was persistent. I knew we were good. Our audiences loved us. We loved them. Why? Why wasn’t the huge success I’d always dreamt of happening? What was the secret to success?

Then Bang! One night, on my way home from a gig, I was in a horrific car accident! My friend had fallen asleep at the wheel, and as the passenger, I was crushed as the car hit a telephone pole. I had many injuries and broken bones, and I was told I would probably have many physical limitations. Many months passed in the hospital bed and two very long major operations. I was very depressed and  in terrible physical pain.

A friend attempting to cheer me up gave me some motivational tapes to hear and as I was willing to try anything, I agreed to listen to these tapes. The first tape I listened to was Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”. Hill said that he had healed his newborn sons hearing through autosuggestion. He spoke affirmations into his deaf son’s ears every night for years.  I thought if Mr Hill healed his son then I can also be healed. I began speaking my affirmations out loud however it didn’t seem to be working.  Some teachers of new thought have said that affirmations only work if you truly emotionalize the affirmations. I agreed at that time because I did not believe I was healed. The doctors sure didn’t so how were these affirmations ever going to work if I kept consciously rejecting them. I could not emotionalize that which  wasn’t  true.  I would get disheartened and give up because of the physical pain I was experiencing from my many injuries.

I had a great thought one day that it would be easier to file them into my subconscious mind if I listened to them in song form.  I asked my brother and some friends to please go and purchase some affirmation music, they looked everywhere and there was no such thing as positive affirmations to music. That is when my big epiphany hit me! I must write my own music. I then wrote my first affirmation song and recorded it on a little tape recorder right there in the hospital bed. I Am Healed I Know I Am, I Love Myself I Am My Friend, As The Healing Light Of The Universe Surrounds and Goes Through Me, I Know That I Am Healed. Well it worked. What the doctors thought was impossible became possible. It felt like a miracle. I just kept listening to it over and over again.

As a singer and songwriter, I knew that once you have a jingle or pop song in your mind it is there forever. The lyrics activate the logical left side of the brain, and the melody activates the right hemisphere of the brain, so you have a whole-brain experience. This way the conscious mind does not have an opportunity to reject the new thought. The affirmation plants itself as a positive seed into the subconscious mind. Then the magic happens and new trees of positivity begin to grow and fill our vibration with ideas for success, which then attracts to us, just like a magnet, wonderful experiences and healing.

I then realized what a HUGE EPIPHANY it was to put these affirmation songs to music. (Now called MusiVation™) What a Satori. No one had done this before. It was a Divine Gift. I could see the reason I was a singer and songwriter and how my entire life had all lead to this moment. My purpose was now clear, to spread this music to the world to release suffering and poverty consciousness. I was healed, and I was experiencing such joy and newfound success. It was a miracle.

I am going to show you how in very simple steps to uplift your life experience. We are going to keep it simple and spiritual K.I.S.S. In this book you will learn about the magic and power of affirmations combined with music which is the fastest way to begin to change your thinking to the positive.

I absolutely love my life now! All of my dreams are continually coming true. I have since created for myself a wonderful lifestyle, travelling around the world and experiencing a deep and meaningful life. God is truly good. I am becoming more awake and aware of this gift called life. It all started with a song that changed my life forever. Nothing is impossible. I am now walking perfectly and singing and teaching all over this beautiful world. I am a healthy, happy, and a very grateful soul.

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Michele Blood

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. In addition to creating MusiVation™ products and seminars worldwide. Her public Mystical Success Events have been held in over 16 countries. Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala Lumpur. After many years of meditation Michele’s Kundalini awakened and transformed her consciousness. She now teaches others how to live a Mystical Life and experience Divine Oneness, which is the true heart of true happiness, success and purpose in one’s life. Her Mystical Experience webinars and live streams has assisted people from over 25 countries to transform their lives to the positive. Through her Teachings and Prayers and Light Transmissions people awaken and experience what they say is the impossible They awaken to their true purpose and begin their path to Enlightenment. Michele also has authored over 60 books, audiobooks, DVD’s, music CDs and TV shows, including authoring with Bob Proctor the titles “Become a Magnet to Money through the Sea of Unlimited Consciousness” “New Paradigms”,” Be Your Perfect Weight” and “Become A Magnet To Money”. Brian Tracy, world authority on selling, comments, “Michele has put together materials that bring about permanent behavioral and spiritual change.” Experience Michele’s prayers and Light Transmissions go now to for Free Videos and more:

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