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The Many Changes at The Life Connection—and Why

The Many Changes at The Life Connection—and Why

We’re changing things at The Life Connection (TLC)! Changing and revising your options on how to participate with us—especially online.

If you think in terms of how long I’ve been thinking about some of these changes it’s not so new. Working on the specifics and getting it done, however, has changed. We’re not “there” yet, but getting there.

The assistance of Brain Carrell, who has the know-how and experience to make these ideas tangible and can co-create it, is new and very appreciated. He brings me options I haven’t thought about it—that’s happening now. While there are some features we have already changed in print—and more are coming—the big changes are to be found online.

The calendar is a good example. It will be limited in print, but there are events we want—and people want—to feature in print. We will do both, but emphasize the online calendar. I think you’ll be surprised how the online calendar works. Look it over.

Since what is coming one day becomes yesterday’s news very quickly, I won’t go into great detail here. See it online and sign up for our newsletter to keep informed. The purpose of the newsletter is not to spam you with emails; it’s to inform you of changes. It’s a free subscription.

For those who really want to get into the community idea of this and want to focus more on how we can interact and make a difference as a community, there will be other levels you can help us determine.

As always, once we are into the process of creating something more, ideas and possibilities seem to come out of nowhere. I’ve noticed very early on when I started in print, that the magazine took on a life of its own as people joined in and participated.

The missing element right now is You. When you are part of it, then we will be closer to “there” because this change is really designed to invite your participation.

So please take a look and tell us what is missing for you. More changes and features are coming, but perhaps most important is the other reason why this is happening now. What will enhance our coming together, exchanging ideas and discovering opportunities to create a better San Diego and grow as people and a community?

Another “why” this is happening now is the world we live in. The world is changing quickly.

What it has opened to us, however, are new ways for us to connect. Maybe ever better ones. Discovering if that is true and what we can do as a connected community is, once again, where I find myself.

When I started doing this as The Light Connection in late 1985, the idea was to connect a community of kindred spirits interested in living life consciously, in harmony with our environment, and treating our bodies as best we knew how. It’s been about discovering what the human spirit is capable of.

Finding that there is more than one way to get there has also been part of the discovery—and that means learning from others and taking and using the parts and ideas that work for us. It’s also about finding out what we have in common—not rounding up those we feel are different.

Honestly, take a look for a moment at what kind of governments have operated that way. Is that us/US? Where we are going or who do we want to be? Left on their own, it obvious our governments often work best for those operating them and for their moneyed friends. Maybe we will discover more democratic solutions.

I know the US is a Republic—it would be impossible for all of us to be the administrators we want our representatives to be—but the process of how we get there is mostly a democratic one. The process of electing those representatives, elections, are a democratic, participatory process.

The way Howard Zinn put it, “Democracy comes from the ground up, not the top down. Democracy is not what governments do; it’s what people do.”

Ultimately one size or solution does not fit all. We live in a world where the media exaggerates to get our attention and social media has too many people trying to manipulate our thinking and buying processes.

Let’s explore humanity and ways to be human. Surviving and thriving in today’s world requires more from us. More discernment about what works and how we can evolve as human beings.

Much of what we see is how much we can’t agree. We don’t want to be right about what we offer, we want to add a little more humanity to the world—and discover humane solutions.

Can we do it?

Together—yes we can. Join in.

—Steve Hays

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Steve Hays

Publisher and Editor of The Life Connection Magazine Print and Online versions.

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