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The Multiorgasmic Man & Cannabis

The Multiorgasmic Man & Cannabis

Cliff Dunning is program director for the San Francisco Cannabis Summit and is host of the award-winning podcast Earth Ancients. He writes for several magazines and is a regular guest on a variety of podcasts and radio programs. He lives in El Sobrante, California.

Cannabis and Sexuality: Awaken the Prostrate for Multiple Orgasms by Cliff Destiny Books. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.




Who Is the Multiorgasmic Man?


The male orgasm starts with the sensations he feels in his penis. As sexual arousal continues to build, he develops an erection and will eventually ejaculate and experience the pleasure of an orgasm. But recent discoveries reveal that the penis is just one source of stimulation that leads to an orgasm. The sex organ, or in this case sex gland that triggers an orgasm, is the prostate. Located within the lower abdomen, just below the bladder and above the anal canal, the prostate gland is a small walnut-sized organ. The actions of masturbation or sexual intercourse stimulate the prostate and trigger the release of semen. During an orgasm, the prostate has a muscular spasm that pushes seminal ejaculate and sperm from the testicles into the urethra and out through the penis. This single orgasm, depending on the age of the individual, is not immediately repeatable without a recovery period.

Most of us don’t think of the prostate as a sex organ. We’re only reminded of its presence when we develop an infection like prostatitis (inflammation of the gland), have a benign or cancerous growth, and must seek treatment, or when it swells in our later years, pinching the urethra and reducing the flow of urine. Surgery may offer some relief in chronic conditions, but this is only a temporary remedy.

Over time, other therapies, including prostate massage, have moved to the top of the list. When the gland is massaged, accumulated fluid is forced into the urethra and passed out of the body when a man urinates. This “milking” procedure is done in a doctor’s office or, with instructions, at home. This therapy requires the patient to push a finger into the rectum and, with directed strokes, massage the prostate, which sits a few inches above the anal canal.

In 1997, High Island Health (HIH), a company based in Houston, Texas, began marketing a series of prostate massagers based on patents by Japanese urologist Dr. Jiro Takashima. Made of medical-grade plastic, these small hands-free massagers anchor outside the rectum, fit inside the colon, and press up against the prostate. By tightening and relaxing the PC, or pubococcygeus muscle of the pelvic floor, the device gently massages the prostate to reduce inflammation and return the prostate to its normal size. In a small percentage of cases, men reported a pleasurable side effect of this therapy: convulsive spasms of extreme pleasure capable of shaking the entire body, which in some cases lasted for hours.

As word began circulating about the coveted prostate orgasm, a handful of sex toy manufacturers released prostate stimulators in all shapes and sizes to capture the market of sexually curious men. The most successful of these is Aneros, a spin-off from HIH, who, in 2003, rebranded their prostate massagers as sex devices for men. Thousands of men purchased these devices and visited the Aneros forum to support and discuss their growing awareness of their prostate and the elusive Super-O, or super orgasm, a term coined by an early Aneros experiencer.

But using the massager was not a guarantee of a multiorgasmic session. Manufacturers introduced electric stimulators to batter the prostate into submission with vibration, which only desensitized the gland and frustrated the user who wasted his money on a useless device.


Thanks to the growing legalization of cannabis, men can discover how this powerful aphrodisiac alters the body’s vibratory rate, increasing sexual arousal, and–with the gentle stimulation from a prostate massager–provides the multiorgasmic experience they desire.

This would not be possible without the chemical compound Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive stimulant found in cannabis. THC is a powerful substance that affects the body, mind, and spirit in an orchestrated event that stimulates the prostate while opening direct pathways to the brain and higher guidance, or our intuition. The chemical ingredients suspend the mind from the daily noise of our busy lives, slowing it down while relaxing the nervous system to become receptive to the body’s sensations. Early cultures understood the properties within this plant as a sexual stimulant and ingested or smoked it or applied it in a lotion to increase genital sensitivity and the intensity of their orgasms. In ancient Hindu texts, women described rubbing cannabis resin on their skin and genitals to increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure. It’s not clear if men from this period experienced heightened sensitivity, or for that matter, orgasms, from such a practice. Still, cannabis was an essential part of orgies to enhance sexuality during coitus, the act of sexual intercourse.


Now that we understand that cannabis and its benefits on human sexuality have been with us down through the ages let’s put the multiorgasmic man into perspective. Medical science has just scratched the surface in describing the orgasm and its effects on the brain and body. What is coming to light are the profound effects an orgasm has for healing, aligning the mind/brain, and connecting with our higher guidance. Also, repeating orgasm may lead to what neuroscience refers to as neuroplasticity, or a rewiring of the brain. When we do something pleasurable and repeat it successfully, we change the brain’s function to make it easier to reproduce favorable results.

Perhaps what’s most exciting is what I call “sexercising,” a short series of techniques that aid in triggering waves of orgasms. This method cultivates multiple prostate orgasms into easily reproduced events that, with proper recovery time, can be enjoyed throughout the lifetime of any man in fair to good health. Combining small amounts of cannabis with the light stimulation of a massager trains the brain to recognize the prostate and opens new pathways by rewiring the nervous system. For most men, experiencing a single event with multiple orgasms now becomes a regular activity enjoyed one or two times a week.

This game changer propels men to the heights of sexual pleasure that women have enjoyed since the beginning of time. Prostate orgasms represent an evolution in male sexuality, and by experiencing multiorgasms at greater and greater intensity, a man can elevate the sensation of a penile ejaculation and enter a new realm of pleasure that until now did not exist. Though there are no studies on the intensity of these orgasms, I believe that with proper care and a period of recovery between sessions, regular practice can move one into experiencing orgasms that transcend “normal” states of awareness.