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The Possibility Accelerator

On the 50th anniversary of the first moonwalk, The Institute of Noetic Sciences will host its 18th International Conference The Possibility Accelerator: Creating Our Future, Now from July 18–21, 2019, to gather together leading thinkers, visionaries, and wisdom keepers from around the world.  Together they will explore new, boundary-pushing possibilities on the frontiers of thought and propose daring answers to questions like “How can we use the fullest extent of our human capacities?” and “What is humanity’s next ‘moonshot’?” The conference will be in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Marriott on Thursday July 18, 2019 to Sunday July 21, 2019.  More info at:

Participants can expect to dive into profound discussions, moving experiences, mind-blowing science, mind-expanding presentations with a robust community of noetic explorers who are working to co-create a future where inner wisdom and science work together to address some of the most pressing issues in our world today.

Presenter topics range from discussing astrophysics, molecular biology, indigenous wisdom, mind-body healing, consciousness and technology, and extraordinary human capacities.  Featured presenters include Deepak Chopra (above), Julia Mossbridge, Rupert Sheldrake, Luisah Teish, Dan Siegel, Ervin Laszlo, Charles Eisenstein, and Pat McCabe. A total of 40 presenters will engage guests in experiential dialogue concerning decades-long research on cutting edge topics in science and consciousness, social action, expanding world views, noetic science, the future of consciousness research and more.

Reserve your spot using “TLC” for a $50 discount and join Amelia and our The Life Connection delegation attending.

Check out their short video to get a sneak peek at what to look forward to:

About the Institute of Noetic Sciences:

The Institute of Noetic Sciences™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research, education, and membership organization whose mission is to reveal the interconnected nature of reality through scientific exploration and personal discovery, creating a more compassionate, thriving, and sustainable world.

CONTACT: Andrea Livingston, Conference Director Email:, Tel: 800-583-3063, Web:

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