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The Power of Applying Chakra Wisdom to Tarot

The Power of Applying Chakra Wisdom to Tarot

Tori Hartman


Tori Hartman is a professional intuitive. Following a near-death experience almost 20 years ago, Tori was visited by a spirit who told her a collection of brightly colored stories. These stories prompted her life-long fascination with color, the chakras and their power to transform and heal lives. Tori is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

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By Tori Hartman

I learned the tarot long before I understood what an oracle deck was. So, when the angels appeared to me, over 30 years ago now, and told me the original fables that would become the Chakra Wisdom cards, I wrote them down.

I had no idea at the time what they would become or how they would impact the lives of so many people. One night I had my Rider Waite Tarot Deck sitting in front of me. I began to count out the cards, and as I did so, I recognized a rhythm that I had seen before only in the chakras. It completely astounded me.

I placed the cards in chakra order, and as I did so an entirely new pathway emerged one that would provide a deeper and more personal depth available in tarot cards; and so, the Chakra Wisdom Tarot Cards were born.

Direct Connection

Many people use tarot for prediction, and they use oracle cards for self-awareness. The Chakra Wisdom Tarot instantly tapped into my inner wisdom and brought about direct answers providing the next steps to take in  life. I recognized how the chakra and the tarot combined added a direct connection to our vibration. I would never have known what was missing if I had not been working and counting those cards and seen it myself. Here’s how the combination of the chakra and the tarot opened locked doors and provided a direct path to answer the real questions, not the surface ones with which most clients present.

The minor arcana and the court cards in each suit add up to 14 cards. In our Western chakra system, there are seven chakras and it meant that we could travel through the chakra twice in each suit. It was obvious with the Ace through Seven, but would it work with the eight through the King? To my surprise this is where the deeper layer of understanding was hidden.

Aces and Eights are the First Chakra

This first chakra in red indicates the beginning, our roots, the very foundation upon which we build our life. It becomes the source energy; the roots seek a solid foundation upon with they can grow.

In the Aces we see a beginning; a gift being handed to us. While in the Eights it becomes a more profound connection or a restart. Here we recognize that we have more knowledge and wisdom than we had in the Aces.

The Two cards and the Nines are the Second Chakra

The second chakra cards represent our emotional state. The Twos reflect what we are feeling in the present moment. The actual emotional peak comes in the nine cards, they are the ones that reveal the outcome of the emotions introduced in the Two cards and the reward or loss we face. A case in point is the nine of swords which is great emotional loss versus the nine of cups which is great emotional fulfillment.

The Three and the Ten Cards are the Third Chakra

The yellow chakra cards or the Threes represent our instinct and the concept of fight or flight. They also reveal the way in which we think or plan our lives. The Threes indicate the thoughts that are presently guiding us. The Ten cards review our ability to enjoy the fruits of our labor or recover from a loss. How we process this, and the path we choose is revealed in the third chakra Ten cards.

The Four and the Princess Cards are the Fourth Chakra

These green cards represent matters of the heart; they will show us whether our heart is open or closed to an opportunity or the news that we get. The Fours show us our ability to have compassion. Are we taking care of ourselves or are we ignoring the signs right in front of us? In this deck the Princess replaces the Page as the messenger of the deck. The news she brings will reveal whether you are willing to hear your internal messages.

The Fives and the Knights Cards are the Fifth Chakra

The blue cards represent how we approach communication. Are we walking away, negotiating, or pretending? The Fives each represent a necessary shift in communication. And when we look at the Knights, it is clear that they represent communication on the move. It is something we need to express or correct what is being put out into the world. The fifth chakra is also the manifesting chakra and suggests that the expression that we are sending out to the world is what we are creating.

The Sixes and the Queens are the Sixth Chakra

The Indigo cards reveal intuitive choices. Is it time to remember the past or move away from it? Will you trust your intuition or be tricked by your brain? The Queen cards represents the personal power our intuition offers us. Are you ready to step into the role you are being offered?

The Seven Cards and The Kings are the Seventh Chakra

The purple cards are the universal consciousness. The Seven cards represent decisions and personal confusion and what can happen if we turn our backs on the concept of right and wrong. When the Kings appear, they are the rulers of universal consciousness. They must make decisions for the good of all and not merely for themselves which is well represented through the seventh chakra energy. Whether their decisions are challenging for them or not, they must be separated from emotions in order to support the greater good.

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