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The Sun King

Years of research into esoteric and metaphysical knowledge has prompted another document of self discovery. Join the journey from the stars to the temple inside of man. From the native shamans to the Hermetica, from still-point to vortex mathematics; we spiral into direct knowing. Join the ride within the long wave of the infinite.

There is a physical representation in the physical body that manifests from a connection to the unconscious spirit. We all have the ability to internalize what we see, think and feel. In ancient years, when a book was read or spoken, the intent was not to be intellectualized; it was to be realized in the soul of the listener. Life is full of knowledge that will open your awareness and allow a new reality to emerge. Stop and think about these concepts, think about how the words resonate with your entire body, your energetic Temple, your whole being. Don’t just use your head, think about these words with the tiny point of stillness within your heart.

This is a fantastically thought-provoking book built on theories from science, epistemology, numerology, gematria, philosophy, history, geometry, and theology.

Wisdom is woven together in a deeply pragmatic narrative. Take a look into ageless truth and interstellar symbology to focus on five overarching themes:

1) The human body is the temple of God
2) Language, symbol and etymology are tools of the mind to uphold reality
3) Nature is our greatest teacher
4) We are built in the same harmonic as light and sound shown with vortex mathematics and Fibonacci sequence.
5) The human being by design sovereign; whether we are aware of it or not.

Dive into a deeper awareness of your reality and explore new paradigms of our awakening humanity.



The Sun King by Ryan A. McMahon
(CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 2016)
Available at



This is a fantastically thought-provoking book


Summary Take a look into ageless truth and interstellar symbology


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