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We Want to Move You—Online

We Want to Move You—Online

We want to do that by offering you more than we ever have—and right now hope you understand that our changes are a work in progress.

There are changes everywhere these days so I guess I shouldn’t take it too personally. At the same time, when it comes to print media, there are more and more challenges. I love print and reading printed materials, but even I don’t get my news that way anymore.

I don’t research how to do or find things in magazines or newspapers either. After browsing online, reading a newspaper is like reading last month’s news.

For a print publication there are also challenges with distribution and environmental impacts—using paper and ink, and powering vehicles for delivery. Then there is finding good locations for delivery and getting enough ads to support it.

I think the real opportunity in print and one of the most valuable contributions it makes is to introduce people to new things, ideas and perspectives. We might pick up something in print and see something else in it that is intriguing that we probably wouldn’t think to buy a book on. We’d certainly never know about it in advance to search for it.

I remember that when I needed to take one more elective in a defined category of classes at Orange Coast College, on a whim or through the process of elimination, I picked journalism. I discovered I like it.

Wouldn’t it be terribly limiting if the only things we knew in life were the things that we were exposed to by the time we were 18? The world isn’t like that, of course; we get exposed to different things. Having more perspectives is good when you live in a world that seems to cry out for more definition.

It seems to ask us/require us to decide who we are over and over— make choices. We need more information. Is the alternative—sticking to our way, no matter what—really working these days?

I think that the data-collecting world that wants to classify us misses the fact that we change—and need and want it to grow. We see things differently as we experience life. Or we might just get bored and become interested in exploring new things. We run into things by “mistake.”

In that vein we will shift even more next issue and offer a wider range of shorter articles letting you know what is available in more depth online-—and we commit to finding as much as we can we think is valuable on how to think about and survive our changing world. Sign up for our newsletter online to get updates.

The focus will be finding practical ways, tools and perspectives for living in a diverse county and world—ways to view and live together peacefully and cooperatively.

As one friend told me, the idea is to stay on the top side of the surf board, not get pulled along underneath it. Have a great month.

About The Author

Steve Hays

Publisher and Editor of The Life Connection Magazine Print and Online versions.

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  1. Wendy Ruiz

    Hey Steve, glad I checked in — seems like changes are coming and I’ll be happy to view them. Change and change and change and change — my email is still a ‘changes’ email…had to give up the a long time ago, but stuck with other changes emails…Peace.

    Twitter: @changes2012 FB:


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