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What is an Animal Wayshower? – Tammy Billups

What is an Animal Wayshower? – Tammy Billups

Tammy Billups

About the Author: Tammy Billups is an international healing practitioner, educator, and pioneer on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. The creator of animal-human Tandem Healings, she has been a certified Interface Therapist (Bioenergetics) for more than two decades. The author of Animal Soul Contracts and Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions, she lives near Atlanta, Georgia.



“The creatures that inhabit this earth, be they human beings or animals, are here to contribute, each in its own particular way, to the beauty and prosperity of the world.”

     —Dalai Lama


The term wayshower is being used with more and more frequency as humanity continues its evolutionary journey toward embracing and embodying higher levels of consciousness. Wayshowers are lightworkers with a strong commitment to serve others and share their gifts with all those who might benefit. Many wayshowers are driven at a soul level to partake in the creation of a new Earth, one that is grounded in community, harmony, compassion, and love.

Wayshowers can also embody the namesake through unassumingly inspiring others by living an authentic, positive, loving lifestyle. As a result of a wayshower’s ability to hold a higher vibration of light and more 5D love-based virtues, others are drawn to and inspired to “be like them.” You might be thinking now of the people you feel guided to emulate and model yourself after due to a deep respect for how they live, how they treat others, and how they make you feel.

But what about your beloved animal companions? Perhaps the very beings you share your home and heart with are also worthy of your attention and respect for how they model living in a higher state of consciousness and are connected to the greater whole. Perhaps their soul mission is to exemplify compassionate and loving traits to raise your consciousness to the next level and be your ascension guides to the higher dimensions. Perhaps they are the best representations of how to be a wayshower that you will ever rub noses with.

As lightworkers and wayshowers, many times our beloved companions are intentionally choosing to serve humanity in ways that might not always be obvious. One of the earliest memories a recent class attendee recalled was of her childhood family cat, Max. Christine shared that as an infant, she had a heightened level of fear of being alone in her crib. Her parents unknowingly contributed to her fears through their “let her cry it out” philosophy, but their beloved cat Max always responded to her need to be nurtured. Each and every night, he’d leap into her crib and curl up next to her, creating the safety and comfort baby Christine desired.

The nighttime fears persisted into her childhood years, and as Christine headed toward her room at bedtime, Max would predictably run to meet her in the hallway as if to say, I’m here! Everything is going to be okay! and then he’d snuggle up with her until she felt safe and fell asleep.

So, let’s look deeper into Max’s selfless acts during Christine’s childhood. Max, in his mission to serve Christine and alleviate her fears, is expressing one of the endless ways that animal wayshowers reveal themselves. Through his dependable nurturing, a part of her psyche learned that she was worthy of receiving love and comfort.

Christine revealed that her relationship with Max was pivotal in helping her to embody and emulate the qualities he so beautifully modeled. Even today, Christine is empathetic and compassionate to others needs because she learned the importance of being heard and cared for by her childhood feline friend. Max changed the trajectory of how she responds to and relates to others! He was a crucial early influencer and role model in Christine’s life through his high vibrational attributes. Can you imagine the countless times animals have positively enhanced children’s emotional development?

Let us never underestimate the profound effects of the animals that we are blessed to share our lives with, and how they contribute to shaping who we are today and who we are becoming.

Animal wayshowers are not only caretakers and healers, they can also dramatically shift our emotional development, teaching us that we are lovable and worthy of receiving love and are completely accepted—perceived flaws and all. There are countless people that never knew what it felt like to be loved unconditionally until they shared their life with an animal. I happen to be one of those people. Upon experiencing that intimate, vulnerable, beautiful feeling for the first time by a kitten named Khalua, a decades-old barricade of protection released from my heart that I wasn’t aware was even there! This is at the heart of why people are magnetized to animals. It’s truly extraordinary when you think about the enormity of their ability to help humans to experience love. Animals’ contribution to the opening of humanity’s hearts is unparalleled.

The reach of the animal wayshower depends on the sacred soul pilgrimage they designed with their person to engage in during this lifetime. The animal with an expanded reach of sacred service has an intention and higher purpose, at a soul level, to reach more beings that will benefit from their transformational gifts. And they have likely teamed up with a person that allows this to unfold. Many of these animals are indeed old souls.

All beings, regardless of where they are on their evolutionary journey, are sparks of the Divine and are here to utilize their unique and valuable gifts to cultivate the growth experiences their souls long for to assist in their ascension process. Many times, the animals that are expressing their wayshower virtues are utilized in healing circles, schools, nursing homes, or to assist those with medical needs like blindness or PTSD, to name a few.

Be it old or young souls, two or four legs, all beings have wayshower traits within them to activate and utilize on behalf of something greater.

Sometimes animals are taking deeper dives into their own transformational journey alongside of their person, for they are also on their evolutionary journey and reside at varying levels of ascension. One being that is holding a higher vibration and expressing more wayshower traits is not “better” than other beings that are at a different level of learning. Several examples of this deeper dive type of relationship are revealed in the second part of this book. And even more incredibly, your animal might be hosting the soul of one of your spirit guides or soul group peers that has agreed to serve you and others in a more expansive way. Almost always in these cases, the feeling of familiarity and the deep love bond between this pairing is off the chart.