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Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

Your Beliefs Create Your Reality

by Oxana Lovich & Andrei Knight

    Have you ever heard the expression, “Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”?  Countless people in our world are placing their energy and attention on the problems and challenges in their lives rather then concentrating on the cause.

    The origin of most painful events and unpleasant circumstances that occur in our lives are our deeply rooted, limiting subconscious beliefs.  Without fully understanding and transforming them, one can become a victim of life since the unhealed belief will repeat itself over and over in similar circumstances until altered.  For example, if you believe in lack and limitations, you will keep attracting situations where you experience lack and limitation.

    How do we create these beliefs which later in life become our circumstances?  We create them as little children.  When we are born, we are all so pure and innocent, however our knowledge as youngsters is limited, and we don’t have an understanding of how or why anything happens in our lives.  Others are in charge of us, scheduling our days, having authority over us, and, as a result, we are vulnerable and have no relationship to occurrences in our lives.

    Therefore, we create beliefs not logically, but rather according to our understanding of our emotions, and also from the influence of those around us.  And so, it is easy for us to create a negative belief which may not necessary be grounded in actual facts, but often just in our perception of them.

    The saddest part of having limiting beliefs is that we cannot experience life to its fullest.  In other words, there are always obstacles in the way to our happiness and peace.

    Limiting beliefs can be thought of as the captain of our ship as they are subconscious, meaning we are most often not even aware of their influence.  Our subconscious mind is where we store all of our beliefs, and it is 90% in control of our behavior, habits, and emotions.  Our conscious mind is only responsible for roughly 10% of the choices we make every day.

    Unfortunately, some people believe that it is impossible to change their negative habits and patterns.  The reason for this is that the majority of people try to transform them by using their conscious mind, which as we said is only responsible for 10% of the outcomes.  And thus in most cases they fail, or in other words their subconscious repetitive patterns win.

    The most common beliefs that are stored in our subconscious are beliefs about lack and limitations of love and abundance.  A good example is a child who did not receive enough love during their childhood and now may believe that love is not available.  A child who was abused may attract abuse into their lives or even become abusive.  A child who grew up in poverty may experience a lack of abundance in their life, and as frustrated as they may be with the external situation may not realize that it is actually their own internal limitations that are at the root cause of it.

    Other examples may be: a child bitten by a dog can have anxiety while seeing dogs.  A child who almost drowned may experience an intense fear of water.  A child who was told he was not smart enough may believe certain opportunities are beyond their reach.  Often, beliefs can grow out of the mind’s attempts to protect us from harm, however they become limiting when they become unconscious, repeating patterns.

    Now, you can probably see that concentrating on the problems in your life is a waste of your energy and time.  Instead, it is time to learn about their cause, or the reason why you created these particular circumstances in your life in the first place.

    The first step in any transformation is awareness.  Start by asking yourself a question: “Which beliefs are currently running my life?”  Realize that while the circumstances can change, until you transform your underlying beliefs you will continue recreate the same problem, just in different variations.

    In other words, the lessons will be recreated in your life again and again until you finally learn them.  To transform limiting beliefs, understand that working with your subconscious mind is the most affective way since that is where they are stored.

    There are different ways to transform these beliefs including: hypnotherapy, affirmations, mirror work, and various other techniques.  Which method will work for you in the best and easiest way?  Remember that your subconscious mind knows all the answers, so simply ask and in no time you will be guided to the right way to achieve your inner transformation!


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    Oxana Lovich and Andrei Knight are the head coaches at APEX Life Mastery and together lead workshops and retreats both online and at exotic destinations all over the world, helping people overcome their subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs in order to realize their full potential, discover their true life’s purpose, and achieve their dreams.  Get started today with a FREE lesson by visiting plus you’ll find more helpful videos at

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